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Ranch Thoughts: Recap of Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 7

No better way to end the weekend then kicking back and enjoying some Yellowstone. We learned more about young Rip's past, we saw the cattle get to work, and we saw Beth share some emotion. Another week, another round of Ranch Thoughts.

  • Flashback Time: It comes to no surprise that young Rip could kick ass. I mean we knew what he did to his father, but to the ranch hand that was shagging Beth? That guy never stood a chance. He at least wasn't fully cold blooded and gave that beat down guy a blanket and some water. It was also noble of the guy to say that it wasn't Rip's fault so he wouldn't get in trouble. It's the least you can do for taking his girl. "He talked about your daughter the way he shouldn't", Rip was always a man of honor.

  • We also finally found out Rip's brand origin. I always assumed he just earned his keep over the years, but clearly it was because he messed up and needed his dirty laundry hidden.

  • Jamie loves the Ranch? After everything? That was surprising, and it was shocking that he asked Sarah to help him. Obviously that will work out in his favor and nothing bad will happen.

  • Ryan finally gets his girl! By the way, Lainey Wilson has absolutely blown up since appearing on Yellowstone.

  • "It's Happy Tear", glad Monica is building herself back up.

  • Is Montana just filled with pretty blonde women?

  • Beth and Monica being nice to each other sister-in-laws is exactly what this family needs. They both need it, honestly, they could use each other. Beth sharing her story (well not in full detail) was special. Beth proclaiming herself as a bitch was just good comedic break to the scene.

  • The six-degrees of separation from John Dutton and the allies that are made in this little circle make the characters in Montana badass. Rainwater and Senator Perry teaming up for a good cause is something to tip the cap too.

  • It's never easy at the ranch. All the positivity down the drain. Stillborn buffalo calves, brucellosis, and potentially losing the whole herd. Fuck...

  • "Gurl Pewerrrr", Teeter is too funny. But it was wild watching Summer and Clara getting down and dirty too. Sucks that the crew has to split up because of this disease on the field. It's always something. For storyline purposes, it's all the cowboys with significant others. Jake, Walker, Ryan, and Rip. Damn.

  • $1.4 MILLION A MONTH FOR LEASING LAND?! Holy shit. No money for the cattle, despite it being their main form of income. The Dutton's are in the wrong business and Beth is realizing that. Also, you're telling me Governor Dutton can't pull some strings with the environmental committee on this one?

  • Jamie, take the hint. You aren't supposed to be with Sarah. You should know that too. Now she has you right by the balls. Sarah waltzed right in and said that he should remove the enviornment tag on the rang, impeach John Governor, and throw his hat in the ring for the special election. One big ick, and he fell right into the honeytrap. Idiot.

  • Beth Googling beef sales and boom, enter the 6666's. Is Jimmy coming back soon? If the ranchers are heading to Texas, then you know we're about to get our next spinoff, mark my words.

  • We got Beth about to turn the Yellowstone into a hundred million dollar beef business. Then we have Rip asking Beth on a date to the fair, followed by Carter asking how long Rip will be gone and Rip calling him "son" (which was heartwarming) all in a single sequence. Next weeks is going to be a good one.

  • Carter and Tate being friends is awesome. Again, another duo that needs each other. Monica and Kayce finally finding some normalcy and dealing normal parents duties. The lovebirds playing carnival games, the playful music, the stuffed "bar" (bear), the concert in the field, it's a happy ending that surely won't end happy.

  • I am confused how these ranchers are about to be gone for a year? Why can't it just be a winter? Why can't they find something closer?

  • To be honest, I am over the Summer storyline. John can do better than her, she doesn't bring much to the table.

  • Biggest things we learned this week (on another episode that flew by)? Jamie is a spinless moron, and the Dutton's are on the brink of another war.


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