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Ranch Thoughts: Recap of Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 8 Midseason Finale

Just like that, we're half way through the fifth season. Paramount slipped us with a midseason finale, and as for the future, there isn't any official announcement for what's next, but Cole Hauser (Rip) confirmed that “it’s not the last season”.

I hate when shows have midseason's finale. I understand the reasons behind it, but it's frustrating, especially for how long this show takes to turnaround. Thus far, this seasons been a bit slower season. A lot of character stories, a lot of BS, a lot of spinoff teasers and promotions, but it's still one of the better shows on TV. We don’t know when season 5 will return with part 2, all we know is this summer. My guess is 4th of July weekend. But for todays post, we'll dive into what went down.

  • The origin of the brand and the backstory to Rip's commitment to John Dutton and the ranch. It was a subtle scene, but it makes sense on why Rip never messed up and left, and why it bears so much weight. I wonder what happened to these other ranchers, the ones that celebrated Rip's entrance into the bond. Did they "retire" or go to the train station?

  • WOAH! Jimmy is back! I knew it was bound to happen, especially how involved the actor Jefferson White is with the show. I was over his storyline, but we knew the 6666's was coming back. I still don't understand how he lands beautiful women, but good for him that he's thriving in Texas, and in his relationship. He's finally a cowboy, and he also has rizz now too.

  • Peep the Coors banquet product placement. I just saw a billboard for their collab the other day, too.

  • I'm all for John and Monica content. I feel as if they don't talk as much as they should. Monica even said it too, after John asked for the favor. Little banter, little respect, it was a nice tough. It's great to see the character arc for Monica and how her feelings have shifted about her father-in-law and the ranch as a whole.

  • In the same scene we got John apologizing for having to send Rip off, and hugging Kayce and saying he loves him. He's getting soft, but he also has to head back to his "other job". Oh yeah, did you forget that he's the Governor?

  • Commercial break, music change, enter Jamie to ruin the whole mood of the episode. What a prick. I still can't believe he's going through with the impeachment.

  • Dutton-Rainwater-Perry-Mo, now that's a powerhouse quartet. I appreciate the respect between John and Rainwater. It still is "frenemy" territory, but there is mutual respect. Dutton handled the media ambush with grace, but I feel Rainwater is going to be pissed about it and blame John somehow.

  • Another day, another back and forth with Beth and Summer. It's comical at this point. Beth freezing her peanut M&M's is a GOAT move. I expected nothing less.

  • Beth might actually go take Jamie's child away after the storm he just created. This is all out war now...

  • Little Chubby falling in love, look at him go.

  • I hate how the bunkhouse has to split up. Their banter and side skits in the show has been a solid relief when things get hectic. It's also going to cause some strain because everybody with a love interest is now heading down south.

  • Never doubt Beth, she was going to break in and kick his ass. Jamie also just played chess against Beth. She had the photo of Jamie killing his dad, but the train station has decades worth of skeletons. Again, this is war.

  • I knew those wolves situation would come back. When it rains, it pours. I can't believe she had no idea about it. Yikes.

  • She finds out about this dumping ground and her first though is it's time to take Jamie though. Here. We. Go. Jamie knows it too, and Sarah just laughs. I hope she knows that she'll most likely be joining him. Especially now that they are talking about hiring a professional killer.

  • So no Tate this episode?



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