Re-Drafting the 2017 NFL Draft


The 2017 NFL Draft was filled with many future stars. Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, George Kittle, and Myles Garrett are some that come to mind. But what if we were able to see an alternate reality. Mahomes on the Bears, or Watson on the 49ers? Well, now we can, due to NFL Mock Draft Database! Here is what I think the first round could have looked like.

1. Browns - Patrick Mahomes, QB - Original Pick: Myles Garrett, DE

PHOTO CREDIT: Bleacher Report

We know how good Garrett is, but Mahomes is just simply too good to pass up. Baker Mayfield may have had a decent 2020, but Mahomes is the most talented QB in the league. The Browns just won’t pass this up.

2. 49ers - Deshaun Watson, QB - Original Pick: Trade (Bears, Mitch Trubisky, QB)

PHOTO CREDIT: Bleacher Report

In real life, the Niners traded down to number three, and took Solomon Thomas, who like Trubisky is a massive bust. In this reality John Lynch doesn’t trade down, and selects the Clemson product Watson at number two. Watson is a playmaker who doesn’t need the greatest o-line, but gets a better one here. He would fit beautifully in the Kyle Shanahan system, and San Fran, gets a huge upgrade over Jimmy G.

3. Bears - Myles Garrett, DE - Original Pick: Trade (49ers, Solomon Thomas, DT)

PHOTO CREDIT: Davis Richard / Associated Press

This is either T.J. Watt or Garrett. Both are great disruptors, and can get to the QB, but I think Garrett is just a little bit better. He would be a great fit next to Kahlil Mack. There really isn’t much else to say about this pick, besides that the Bears are going with the best guy on the board.

4. Jaguars - Alvin Kamara, RB - Original Pick: Leonard Fournette, RB


Jacksonville could go with so many people here. Kamara, Kittle, Christain McCaffery, Jamal Adams. You name it. I just think Kamara is the better playmaker. If you want to say he isn’t, then just go look at his 6 TD game on Christmas 2020. He is so explosive, is a dual-threat, and would mesh well with power back James Robinson.

5. Titans - T.J. Watt, OLB - Original Pick: Corey Davis, WR


This is a no-brainer. The Tennessee pass rush was awful in 2020, and Watt almost had the same amount of sacks as the Titans had. Tennessee can change that by drafting Watt. He is smaller than J.J. but is more explosive of the edge, and is the best player available here.

6. Jets - Jamal Adams, S - Original Pick: Adams

PHOTO CREDIT: Rich Barnes / USA TODAY Sports

Adams is the best player on the board, and is a game-changer. He is a great run stopper, hard-hitter, and is a perennial Pro-Bowler. The Jets make the right move re-drafting him, now they just have to pay him, not trade him.

7. Chargers - Chris Godwin, WR - Original Pick: Mike Williams, WR


Williams is a good player, but not the guy Godwin is. Godwin led the Buccaneers in receiving yards per game in 2020 with 70. He was able to get catches even with Mike Evans and Antonio Brown in the receiving room. He would be a great match with Keenan Allen in LA, as he could take the pressure off of him and running back Austin Ekeler.

8. Panthers - Christain McCaffery, RB - Original Pick: McCaffery


All the Panthers are doing here is just getting one of their stars back. Even though he was hurt most of 2020, he is an amazing back, as he totaled 1,000 rushing and receiving yards in 2019. Expect him to fall into the Panthers laps again in most re-drafts.

9. Bengals - Kenny Golladay, WR - Original Pick: John Ross, WR


Ross was the biggest bust of the draft by far, as he has done nothing at the NFL level, while Golladay has proved himself, and has been a number one guy for the Lions ever since he was drafted. Pair him with the core of Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins, and Joe Burrow, the Bengals have an explosive offense. The only thing is that Golladay gets hurt a lot, so Cinici should be aware of that.

10. Bills - Tre-Davious White, CB - Original Pick: Trade (Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, QB)


The Bills did snag White with the 27th overall pick in this draft, via KC. White is one of the premier lockdown corners in the NFL, and the Bills just want him back to put opposing wideouts on islands. There is nothing else about this pick, besides AFC East receivers groaning that he stays in the division.

11. Saints - Marshon Lattimore, CB - Original Pick: Lattimore


Lattimore has been one of the best corners ever since he was drafted in this slot. He has consistently shut down Mike Evans twice a year, every year starting from 2017. Marlon Humphery is a candidate here, but I’ll give the Saints their man.

12. Browns - Ryan Ramczyk, OT - Original Pick: Trade (Texans, Deshaun Watson, QB)


Ramczyk is one of the best right tackles in the game, and if you substitute Jack Conklin for him, the Browns have the best offensive line in the league. I can see Eddie Jackson, Marcus Williams, or Budda Baker here as they need help at safety, but Ramczyk is too hard to pass up.

13. Cardinals - Eddie Jackson, S - Original Pick Hasaan Reddick, LB

PHOTO CREDIT: Chicago Bears

Jackson is one of the best safeties you’ve never heard of. Drafted in the fourth round by the Bears, he has become one of the best ballhawks in the NFL. He could help stabilize the leaky Arizona secondary in a heartbeat. Marcus Williams, Marcus Maye, and actual Cardinal Budda Baker could go here, but Jackson is just a little bit better.

14. Eagles - George Kittle, TE - Original Pick: Derek Barnett, DE

PHOTO CREDIT: Tony Avelar / Associated Press

They could go with Cooper Kupp here, but Kittle is a monster. He gives them another weapon besides Zach Ertz. Now they don’t have to draft Dallas Goedert in 2018. The Eagles won’t make the mistake that they did in 2020, when they didn’t draft Justin Jefferson. Kittle is just the best player available, and the Eagles just won’t draft anyone else besides him.

15. Colts - Cooper Kupp, WR - Original Pick: Malik Hooker, S


Indy doesn’t need Hooker as Julian Blackmon stepped in for him in 2020, and played well, so the Colts go with a T.Y. Hilton replacement. Kupp is a great route runner who is a capable go-to-guy. Placing him with this Colts offense is a nightmare for any defensive coordinator.

16. Ravens - Marlon Humphrey, CB - Original Pick: Humphrey

PHOTO CREDIT: Todd Olszewski / Getty Images

Humphrey is a true number one corner, who has excelled with the Ravens, so why would the Ravens draft anyone else? Maybe Corey Davis or JuJu Smith-Schuster to help out their weak receiving core, but I think that Humphrey is just more worth it, and brings the “juice” to the Ravens defense.

17. Washington - Dalvin Cook, RB - Original Pick: Jonathan Allen, DT

PHOTO CREDIT: Jonathan Bachman / Getty Images

The WFT doesn’t need Allen, because of their stacked d-line, but Cook is the best guy available right here. I like Antonio Gibson, and where he’s headed, but the temptation of Cook is just too much. He is a good back, who can catch the ball, is elusive, and can break off big runs. Cook does get hurt, so Gibson can be the insurance.

18. Titans - Corey Davis, WR - Original Pick: Adoree’ Jackson, CB

PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Edmonds / Associated Press

I know that JuJu is still available, but Davis is the guy for Tennessee. He and AJ Brown have meshed, creating one of the best offenses in the NFL. He is a nice number two option, and has big-game potential. I think if Tennessee got him here people wouldn’t call him a borderline bust, and that’s exactly what happens here.

19. Buccaneers - Mike Williams, WR - Original Pick: O.J. Howard, TE

PHOTO CREDIT: Brett Duke / Associated Press

Tampa Bay needs a way to replace Godwin, whom they lose in this alternate reality. Williams is a tall, lanky, jump-ball receiver, who gives the Bucs another version of Mike Evans. Matching those two up together would be a potent combination that Tom Brady would love.

20. Broncos - Shaquill Griffin, CB - Original Pick: Garrett Bolles, OT

PHOTO CREDIT: Brad Rampel / USA TODAY Sports

While Bolles is a solid lineman, the Broncos need a good cover corner, and that is what Griffen gives them. He can help the rebuild of the secondary, as he is versatile and is fast, while still a quality man-to-man defensive back. He would pair well with safeties Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson.

21. Lions - Jayon Brown, LB - Original Pick: Jarad Davis, LB


This is a bit of a reach, but Brown is certainly better than Davis. He can help the Lions defense in many ways, especially in pass coverage, but also is a decent run stopper. He isn’t the best player on the board, but he definitely fits the need of the Lions, so I go with Brown here.

22. Dolphins - Dalvin Tomlinson, DT - Original Pick: Charles Harris, DE


The Fins go for defense here, and pick Tomlinson, a dominant run plugging defensive tackle. JuJu could be in play here, but because of the 2021 draft being filled with WR's, they go with Tomlinson. I think Johnatan Allen is also in play here, but the Dolphins need the top-notch run stopper. Tomlinson makes this defense become top-3, as he forces teams to become more one-dimensional.

23. Giants - Johnathan Allen, DT - Original Pick: Evan Engram, TE

PHOTO CREDIT: Rodger Steinman / Associated Press

Allen is a premier DT, and can replace Tomlinson, as the Giants drafted him in the second round. Allen can stop runs, and get to the QB, something that every team needs. He would team up with Leonard Williams, and would make a dominant 1-2 punch. The Giants are building a stingy D, and adding Allen would only make it better.

24. Raiders - Adoree’ Jackson, CB - Original Pick: Gareon Conley, CB

PHOTO CREDIT: Rich Barnes / USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders need some help in the secondary, so why not pick Jackson, over the bust, Conley. Jackson still has some upside, even though the injuries have been piling up on him the past couple of seasons. He can become a solid player, and has good speed to be utilized as a return man.

25. Texans - Budda Baker, S - Original Pick: Trade (Browns, Jabrill Peppers, S)


The Texans don’t need Baker, as Lonnie Johnson has turned into a nice player, but they go with the best available guy left. Baker, who is one of the best safeties in the game, is a hard hitter, who plays good coverage, and would fit nicely with Justin Reid in the defensive backfield.

26. Seahawks - Joe Mixon, RB - Original Pick: Trade (Falcons, Takk McKinley, DE)

PHOTO CREDIT: Aaron Doster / Associated Press

Yes, protect Russ, but Chris Carson is just unable to stay healthy, so the ‘Hawks take Joe Mixon who fits the similar mold to Carson. He is a tough, powerful runner, and has sneaky good hands, along with nice speed. Mixon is the perfect guy to take the pressure off of Wilson.

27. Chiefs - Kareem Hunt, RB - Original Pick: Trade (Bills, Tre’Davious White, CB)

PHOTO CREDIT: Charlie Riedel / Associated Press

Am I really going to do this? Fine. Even though KC loses Mahomes, they bring back Kareem Hunt. Remember when Hunt led the league in rushing yards, as a rookie, and was looking like a superstar before his demise, and release. Well, Andy Reid gives second chances, and like he did with Mike Vick, as with Hunt. The Chiefs will be fine even with no Mahomes, as Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and Hunt make Alex Smith look like a Pro-Bowler.

28. Cowboys - Marcus Williams, S - Original Pick: Taco Charlton, DE


Charlton flamed out in the Big D, but Williams can help out their weak secondary. Even though he will probably be best remembered for giving up the Minnesota Miracle, he is a solid player with tremendous potential, and is a certified ball hawk. The Cowboys desperately need safeties and they can fill one of the holes right here in Williams.

29. Packers - Aaron Jones, RB - Original Pick: Trade (Browns, David Njoku, TE)

PHOTO CREDIT: Joe Nicholson / USA TODAY Sports

In real life, the Pack traded back, and took Kevin King… But Jones fell to them in the 5th round, so why not snag him here. Jones is a small, “I’ll get my yards” type runner, and is one of the better pass-catchers in the NFL. If Green Bay didn’t take him here in a re-draft, then the world would stop spinning. That’s how valuable he is in the Green-and-Gold.

30. Steelers - Leonard Fournette, RB - Original Pick: T.J. Watt, OLB


Face it Steelers fans. James Conner isn’t a true number one back. Smith-Schuster could come back to the Steel City, but the Pittsburgh ground game has to be improved and “Lombardi Lenny” fits the bill here. He is a strong bulldozer of a man who fights for yards and lowers the boom on hapless DB’s. He has nice, soft hands and with his build, he would be a prototypical Steeler back.

31. Falcons - Marcus Maye, S - Original Pick: Trade (49ers, Reuben Foster)


Atlanta has a dynamic safety in Keanu Neal already, but Neal is injury-prone, and the Falcons have no one else reliable to play the position. Enter Marcus Maye. He was overshadowed by Jamal Adams, in New York, but once Adams packed his bags, Maye came into his own. He could help rebuild the ailing defense, and inject some moxie into Atlanta.

32. Saints - JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR - Original Pick: Ryan Ramczk, OT


Finally, JuJu gets taken. Why so late? Remember when the Steelers had Antonio Brown, and Smith-Schuster? JuJu was aided by the presence of AB, and without him has ZERO 1,000 yard seasons. Well, enter Sean Peyton and the New Orleans Saints. They already have one of the best receivers in the game, in Micheal Thomas, and that would be great for Smith-Schuster, as he doesn’t need to be the number one guy. This would be a match in heaven.