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Recapping the Met's Feeble Trade Deadline


That's was my real time reaction yesterday as the clock struck 6 PM. Before I break down who they acquired, I just wanna say that even the most positive Mets fans yesterday were disappointed and pissed. That's how bad yesterday was. On a day that was supposed to be filled with joy and excitement with DeGrom's return, it was nothing but misery and disappointment.

I really liked what Billy Eppler did in the offseason. Bringing in Marte, Canha, and Escobar was fantastic, however yesterdays trade deadline made me question if I gave him too much credit for his offseason moves. In my opinion, the Mets needed to acquire a left handed reliever, a DH, and a catcher. The most important of those three was the LHP. Our only LHP reliever is Jelly Leg Rodriguez who has been atrocious and in the final game against the Padres on Sunday Night Baseball, he gave up 4 runs and Edwin Diaz had to come in for the save. He cannot be trusted come October, and the front office's failure to acquire a LHP was an epic embarrassment. I think the worst part about it was Billy Eppler's tone deaf comments after the deadline about how he trusts Jelly Leg in big spots.

I mean how tone deaf can you be? This sentence shows he has not watched Jelly Leg in the past two months.I I hope the "Eppdog" crowd is thrilled and smiling at comments like this. Jelly Leg and Chasen Shreve are basically the same level of dog shit, and Shreve isn't even on the team anymore.

The other major position they failed to acquire was a catcher. James Mccant and Tomas Nidont cannot be taking bats during the NLDS. I mean cmon, these two are borderline liabilities. I'm actually at the point in the season where I think Tomas Nido is better than James Mccant. Nido has been on the money tagging runners out and he's been hitting the ball significantly better. His framing however is a bit feeble, but I am fully onboard now that he is better than James Mccant. James Mccant has weeks go by without a hit and has me questioning quite frequently how he made it to the majors.

So.. what exactly did the Mets do yesterday? Who did the Mets acquire?

Billy Eppler hopped in his BAG yesterday and acquired 75 year old Darin Ruf and RHP reliever Mychal Givens. Mets traded JD Doofus and a couple other players for Ruf. It was actually quite a large haul for Ruf which had a lot of Mets fans questioning Eppler. Everyone was saying, "Guys just wait, there is a big move coming." That big move never came, and Mets fans were extremely disappointed.

Here is Met's beat reporter, Anthony DiComo's Twitter poll after the deadline. First place was a "little disappointed" followed up by "Angry, upset, and confused." It doesn't really matter which one of these came first, but you can see the overall tone of Mets fans yesterday was underwhelmed and sad.

The day got worse when the Mets lost feebly to the Triple A Nationals. Degrom's return was overshadowed by a lackluster trade deadline and an anemic offense.

Hope Billy Eppler is proud!

Here is my final message to Eppler:


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