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Results from the first 'Welcome to the 401 Bracket' ~ Rhode Island Breweries. We have a winner!

Last week, we launched the first ever 'Welcome to the 401 Best Bracket' to decide who was the best brewery in Rhode Island. 36 Breweries, randomized seeding, and the fans and viewers decide who moved on. After thousands of poll votes and comments, we have a winner!

The 2022 Best Brewery in Rhode Island is...


Moniker Brewery - 432 W Fountain St, Providence, RI 02903

Moniker Brewery believes in a simple goal – to create great beer and share it with the local Providence community. In an industry where the only constant seems to be change, beer styles and fads will come and go, but we here at Moniker aim to build something that is long-lasting. A vision of urban roots planted around a strong community; friends, new and old, enjoying a quality product, in a relaxed setting. Our hope is that every beer at The Moniker Brewery is not just consumed but truly enjoyed, because at the end of the day, a great beer is only as good as the company with which you share it.

Congratulations to our friends Jeff and Bryan and the whole team at Moniker Brewery!


Throwback Podcast Interview: We make the short trip to one of Providence’s newest breweries, Moniker, to interview the masterminds behind it all: Jeff Goodno and Bryan Benedict. In this on-site interview, Jeff and Bryan discuss their past experiences on both the brewing and branding/sales side of the brewery process, and what ultimately led them to create a new venture together. We discuss the start-up of Moniker, why they chose a former auto body shop as their destination, and what they looked for in hiring their head brewer.


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