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Sal Licata is Getting Clowned So Hard and Rightfully So

June 1, 2022

123 days later, the Braves are the NL East champions, again. As a Mets fan, I'm sad and depressed over the team's NL east collapse. I hate the Braves and Blooper, however this man, Sal Licata, is who I hate the most. On June 1st, Sal Licata went on SNY and declared that the NL East was over. The Mets had a 10.5 game lead at the time, and the Braves were playing bad baseball. And here I am, on October 5th, 2022 writing this blog with the Mets in the WC game.

Mets fans can disagree on a lot of things, but from what I've seen, we all collectively hate Sal Licata. No team wants to be apart of an "Old Takes Exposed" moment, especially one that aired on national TV. This is definitely up there in WORST "Old Takes Exposed" moments.

Frank the Tank even went at it with Licata on Twitter after the Mets were swept by the Braves and Licata blocked him like a coward. A lot of Mets fans have differing views on Frank the Tank, but when we all come together and agree with Frank the Tank, you know that the other guy must SUCK.

The past couple of days have absolutely SUCKED as a Mets fan, but this interaction made me laugh out loud. Someone asked Frank to call into the show later that night and Frank replied, "his show sucks." I will give credit to Licata for not ducking and hiding. He's been active on Twitter and is still doing his WFAN show from 12 am - 5 am. I'm not sure how many people listen to a 12 am - 5 am show, however at least he's still showing up to work, I guess. A lot of people would just crawl into a hole and ride this misery out, but he continues to tweet. As he continues to tweet, he just keeps getting DESTROYED by the internet.

Yu Darvish is coming.


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