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Santa Spreads: Festive Picks for Christmas Eve Football

Happy Holidays from the House! Due to some whacky Christmas Weekend scheduling, we've got football games on Saturday and Sunday! Here are Tondo and I's picks for every Saturday game before we give you a Spreads Special on Christmas Day.

Basel's ATS 2022: 45-52-3 (2-3-1 Week 15)

Tondo's ATS 2022: 50-42-6 (2-3 Week 15)

Basel's Christmas Eve Picks

Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers

The Lions are the ultimate wild card team this year, although not in regards to the playoffs (yet). Instead, they are simply a team that I cannot make heads or tails of each week. After taking down my Jets in Week 15, I will roll with Detroit against Carolina. Sam Darnold has looked solid this season, but needs way more time to gel with his offense compared to the solid unit we see in Detroit. Jared Goff, Jamaal Williams and co. know how to beat down on a fellow middle of the table team, so gimme Lions -2.5

Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots

The Bengals are back to being a top 5 team in the league, and the length of the Patriots injury report is putting Santa's naughty and nice list to shame. In my book, the Pats will always be naughty, so let's roll with Bengals -3.

New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings

Brian Daboll may be on his way to a Coach of the Year, and today will be a big bullet point on his award resume. The Vikings are good, but their defense has been incredibly shaky many times this year, especially in the air. Even in a loss, the Giants will put up a fight against Minnesota today, and their solid record ATS this season has me picking Giants +4 with ease.

Washington Commanders at San Francisco 49ers

I am all on the Brock Purdy hype train. Stepping into one of the most talented offenses in the NFL definitely helps, but he actually looks pretty comfortable on the field in every game I've watched. Washington is not as good as their record shows, so I will be rolling with Niners -6.5.

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys

How this isn't the Sunday Night game, I have no idea. Maybe it's because Gardner Minshew is getting the start, but I'm more confident in his ability to maintain the game than he gets credit for. Either way, he still isn't Jalen Hurts, so even if the Eagles come out on top here, it will be a nail-biter. Eagles +4.5

Tondo's Christmas Eve Picks

New Orleans Saints vs. Cleveland Browns I can never tell if these two teams are good, bad, or right in the middle. This one is an easy pick for me, though. Saints are 0-4 outdoors this year and it’s gonna be a cold and snowy one in Cleveland. Browns -3 Seattle Seahawks vs. Kanas City Chiefs We all know how good the Chiefs are, but shoutout the Seahawks for making waves this season. Winners of the Russ trade, and winners in the rookie class as well. Seattle is 7-7 ATS and ten is a hefty number. Besides Week 10, all of their losses were ten points or less. Seahawks +10.5 Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans A lot to L’s for both these teams. All they are doing is losing. I think the Texans have been closer in their efforts and they can still a win today. I’ll go Texans +3.5. Las Vegas Raiders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Raiders got lucky this week, and all of Vegas is taking them as the underdogs. However, it’s the the Franco Harris memorial game in Pittsburgh, so hammer Steelers -2. Buffalo Bills vs. Chicago Bears I’m torn, but this should be no brainer. Bills -8, despite it being a Bears home game. You just can’t overthink it. Atlanta Falcons vs. Baltimore Ravens Ravens are banged up, and the Falcons now have Spencer Rattler behind the center. I love how Atlanta covers this season, so I love Falcons +6.5.


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