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Sean Payton stepping away from the Saints. It's time to bring him back, Joe. Are Giants an option?

RAPPOPORT BOMB. Saints Head Coach Kevin James... I mean Sean Payton, has informed the team that he's leaving his post. Payton had three years left on his contract, but rumors were swirling that he wasn't committed to returning for another season.

Let's take a trip down memory lane. Back in '99, Payton was hired as the QB Coach and then was promoted to OC in 2000. His most memorable game in the Big Blue was the 41-0 NFC Championship win against the Vikings. Under his guidance, the Giants would go on to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XXXV. Reports have stated that during his time in New York, he was known to lock himself in the stadium and sleep on the couches while studying plays during off-days.

As the Saints head coach, Payton holds a 161–97 record including Super Bowl ring in 2009.

Giants fans, including myself, are all in on Bills OC Brian Daboll and former Dolphins HC Brian Flores, but the situation just got even more interesting...

UPDATED: JK... he's retiring :/

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