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Seasick Crocodile is a beer, not a giant reptile in Florida.

First blog post for this girl over here! HELLLLO good people who love beer and sports, my name is Kris Savage writing this over in the good 'ol St. Louis. Originally from New Jersey, aka the best country in the world, I currently reside in the weird world of the midwest with my 3 fur babies and boyfriend drinking lots of beer and working out daily.

But, enough about me. You will get to know me over the course of my posts with these awesome guys. Let's get to the good stuff, the beer. Starting my first review off with one of my top 5 favorite beers I have ever had the chance of putting to my sweet lips.

Seasick Crocodile, from Prairie Artisan Ales out of Oklahoma, is a #sourale brewed with cranberries, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg and comes in at 6.3% #abv

Are you #MindBlown yet? Yeah, I was too when I first heard and tried this beer. It was nothing what I was expecting, but it was everything and more that I had to go back and buy about 10 more. Not kidding on that whole I went back and purchased 10 more, it's just that good, and I was told that when I first picked one up by the guys over at the Craft Beer Cellar where I grab some of my #craftbeer weekly (If you are local to the STL, you need to go and grab some beer from their amazing selection. I know that these shops are scattered around the states, so give them a little google search to see if one is near you). Ok, back to the beer. The first notes that I tasted were of the nutmeg and cinnamon. This combination, especially with the cranberries and ginger are like dancing Nutcrackers in your mouth ... okay, maybe not the best reference but you get the picture, right?

All in all, you need to try this beer. Like ASAP. I believe it only comes out during the Holidays, so I will be stocking up for after Christmas and New Years is over so I can enjoy all through the dreadful month of January 😂

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