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Soccer Is Officially Dead

The day of reckoning is here lads. Soccer is officially dead. Finito. RIP. Undertaker Tombstone dead.

4/18/2021 will not be forgotten in the soccer world. I will try and keep it simple:


The super league is a new competition that involves 20 of the biggest teams in the world. Those currently involved in the league are AC Milan, Arsenal, Atlético, Chelsea, Barcelona, Internazionale, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Tottenham. This group of 12 are named the Founding Teams. The other 8 teams will be filled in before the start date in August 2021. This is a midweek competition (extremely similar to Europa League or Champions League) that is reported to debut this fall. This will take place during the normal season (August to May) and conclude with an 8 team knockout tournament to declare the first-ever Super League Champion. The 20 teams will be split up into 2 groups of 10. Those 10 teams will compete with each other in a "mini-league", playing both home and away games vs the other 9 teams. The top 4 from each mini-league will be put into the final 8 knockout competitions.


This is where it becomes a little more difficult. So, the overarching companies like UEFA, FIFA, the FA are the groups that put together the World Cup or Champions League. They work everything out logistically and have their own set of rules. These companies and competitions have been around for close to 100 years and are the most important games in history. This Super League is directly combating all of these competitions. The wealthy owners of the biggest teams in the world have all come together, created their own separate league, and ultimately created a platform to make unlimited money. The owners of the teams involved in the Super League are also the Presidents/Vice Presidents/Shareholders of this new league. So if you're picking up what I'm putting is pure corruption.

The FA, UEFA, and FIFA response to all of this is to ban all the players and teams involved in the Super League from competing in their competitions. I'll try to explain super easily:

The best players in the world are on the best teams in the world -> the best teams in the world have now joined this Super League -> Anyone who competes in the Super League has now been banned/disaffiliated from competing in the World Cup/ Champions League

This has created a gigantic divide. The biggest competitions will now feature Average to Below Average teams. Instead of seeing the Ronaldo's and Messi's at the World Cup, you're going to see the B team version of those players because the Ronaldo's and Messi's of this world will now be banned from competing. Nonsense!!!


American owners Stan Kroenke, Joel Glazer, and John Henry have joined European powerhouses Florentino Perez and Roman Ambranovich in creating this league. They've got the funding from J.P Morgan (apparently) to offer $3.5 billion to the teams that are joining this league.


Some people may be questioning why this is a bad thing because now the best teams will play each other every year, creating the best viewing experience. But what truly has happened is the History of every team has died. Teams have put their blood, sweat, and tears into trying to get into a European Competition for decades and now it is all gone to waste because the rich owners have created the league for themselves.

These games will be incredibly televised and more importantly, incredibly supported by sponsorships. They are turning a very basic sport into an "Americanized" form of entertainment. Get ready for the "God Save the Queen presented by Heineken" followed by "The Coin Flip presented by Alibaba"

The love of the game and the passion has left. The sport has been ruined by these wealthy owners who don't know anything about the sport!

For Example. Arsenal has been in and out of the Europa League competition for the last 4-5 years trying their hardest to win and get into the Champions League. The Europa League is basically the NIT compared to the Champions League which is the March Madness tournament, This year, Arsenal has reached the semifinal of the Europa League and the match is set to take place on April 29th. With the news today, Arsenal have been banned from competing in any European competition anymore making this entire season.....worthless.

This week will be incredible with the news that breaks out. I expect hundreds of former players to express their disinterest in this new league and hope that the punishments are extremely severe for the teams who have joined this league.

The Rich Get Richer...stay tuned for more info on my Twitter.



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