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Steve Cohen Bought a 1.5 million dollar Mets Super Bowl commercial because why not

First off, this commercial rocks. I missed seeing these players every day. I'm a little mad Pete Alonso wasn't in the commercial since they teased a polar bear in the first teaser commercial, but whatever.

This commercial will be running on in the New York City area in between the first and second quarter. The organization decided to purchase a Super Bowl commercial in their continued efforts to build the brand. It isn't a national commercial, but the only people who really care about the Mets and New York baseball will be seeing it which is really what matters the most.

A 30 second commercial that airs nationwide can cost as much as 7 million dollars. Because this commercial runs in the New York area it is cheaper, however the Mets paid for a "package of ads" that went beyond just the Super Bowl which costed them 1.5 million.

Steve Cohen is worth 12 billion dollars. That is legit pocket change for Steve Cohen.

I'm really excited for the moment I'm watching the Super Bowl with my friends and I see this commercial come on and I yell "EVERYONE SHUT UP IT'S BRANDON NIMMO"

In my opinion, any way to boost the Mets overall brand is a massive W.

Check out the commercial below:


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