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Sunday Spreads Season 3, Volume 12: Back to Reality

As your post-Thanksgiving Break Sunday Scaries set in, hang on to your extended time away from work for just a few hours more with a great Sunday of football, and some great Sunday football bets. Here are Tondo and I's top picks for every game in the Week 12 Sunday slate.

Basel's Picks 2022: 35-39-2 (2-4 Week 11, 1-2 Thanksgiving ATS, 2-1 Thanksgiving Props)

Tondo's Picks 2022: 39-30-6 (5-0 Week 11, 2-1 Thanksgiving ATS, 1-2 Thanksgiving Props)

Basel's Week 12 Picks

1 PM Games

Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins

This late in the season, it's hard to really give an in-depth analysis for a pick that is so painfully obvious. The Texans are unwatchable in the sense that they are so bad, but not even comically bad where you can see a few goofy plays. Even with the QB change this week, there is no life in this team.

Dolphins -14

Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans

The odds here have been shifting in the Titans favor as we get closer and closer to kickoff, so I'd take some money on them now before the spread basically becomes a pick-em. The Bengals have finally rebounded from their rough start to 2022, but Tennessee has covered in 8 straight games. There is so much talent on both of these offenses, so I'll just have to lean on the trends in Tennessee's favor for this pick.

Titans +1.5

4 PM Games

Las Vegas Raiders at Seattle Seahawks

The uninspired vs. the vendetta team, I think Vegas enters this one preparing to get rocked by Seattle. While not a stop on the Geno Smith Revenge Tour, the Raiders are just one more team that this surprising Seahawks squad can grab a win against on their way to challenge for the West.

Seahawks -3.5

Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals

Don't let Arizona's win against the Rams last week fool you, this team is still pretty rough. Out of their four wins this season, I would only accept an "quality" argument for New Orleans, with the rest being a few solid flashes against some pretty bad teams. The Chargers have been just as inconsistent this season, but with their recent stretch, I think they'll have what it takes to get back over .500 against the Cards.

Chargers -2.5

New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers

Who would have thought that San Francisco was the most put-together team in the West this year? The Niners dismantled Arizona on both sides of the ball yesterday, and while New Orleans is a better opponent than the Cards, the only area I see the Saints outmatching San Francisco is at running back, and even there it's close.

Niners -8.5

Los Angeles Rams at Kansas City Chiefs

The Rams are hurt, and the Rams are bad. As Patrick Mahomes reclaims his spot on the NFL throne, do not expect LA to put up much of a fight.

Chiefs -15.5


Tondo's Week 12 Picks

1 PM Games

Chicago Bears vs. New York Jets

It's Mike White Szn verse... Nathan Peterman?! Holy mid-off. Bears are on a 4 game losing streak, and it doesn't help that Fields is missing this game. I am not bullish on the Jets whatsoever. I think they are fraudulent as it gets. I really don't want to take this, but my brain has concluded that Jets -7 is the only logical play.

Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers

The games I was given are not the most exhilarating. These teams are just flat out bad. Trash city. Who cares? Broncos have fallen off, and the Panthers are a revolving door of average quarterbacks. Carolina is 3-3 ML and ATS at home. Panthers -1.5 is my pick.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Cleveland Browns

Browns are more than just a quarterback away in fixing their issues, but their fans are patiently waiting for Deshaun Watson's return. Tom Brady is undefeated since getting a divorce, I think the streak continues today. Bucs -3.5.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Washington Commanders

With Kyle Pitts out for the year, the Falcons lose a playmaker that they couldn't afford to lose. Commanders -3.5

Baltimore Ravens vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

This has to be my lock, right? The Ravens are far better than the Jaguars. Four game win streak for Baltimore, and this should be another one in their win column for Lamar Jackson and company. Ravens -3.5

8:20 PM Game

Green Bay Packers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Looking at all of my picks above, I don't like how I didn't choose a single underdog. Should I switch it up for the night game? Absolutely not. Eagles -6.5. Philly needs to get back to their dominance, and after failing to cover in the last two, this weeks matchup cannot follow suit. The Packers are a confusing team to say the least. One day they bear the Cowboys, next they lose to the Lions. I can't be on the wrong side of a Packers bet.

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