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Sunday Spreads Season 3, Volume 18: Regular Season Finale!

Image: NFL

For the final time this season, welcome to Sunday Spreads! With just three teams in each conference looking to clinch a playoff spot, and one spot for each conference still available, it's going to be a wild day of football, so let's see where Basel and Tondo are laying down their cash.

Basel's 2022 ATS: 50-59-3 (2-5 Last Week)

Tondo's 2022 ATS: 56-49-6 (3-4 Last Week)

Basel's Week 18 Picks

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears

The Vikings have trouble winning by more than a touchdown, but this Bears team has completely collapsed down the stretch here. Look for Minnesota to try and enter the playoffs with a bang to motivate themselves into not collapsing during the Wild Card Round.

Vikings -7

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

Honestly a tough one to call in more ways than one, I am going to give the Pats the nod here, as they will likely pull some Belichick Magic (which has been pretty much nowhere to be found this season) in order to clinch that final playoff spot.

Patriots +8

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons

The end of the regular season is a time to air grievances, just like the commencement of Festivus. The Falcons have ruined many a betslip for me this year, so out of spite I am rolling with Bucs +4.

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts

Barf Game. Colts -3

Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos

A tough one to bet on, as we're still unsure of how much the Chargers will rest their starters. The one thing I DO know is that the Broncos are mega garbage, so I am ok rolling with Chargers +3 regardless.

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Commanders

The Commanders are a team that has failed to stay out of their own way all season, and why should I expect that to stop in Week 18?

Cowboys -7.5

Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks

An interesting game for the Rams, as I really don't know who in this game will still be on the team next year as rumors of a complete rebuild start to pile up. The Seahawks really need the win today for some playoff security so roll with them to cover the spread.

Seahawks -6

Tondo's Week 18 Picks

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

Weird week to end the season and endless possibilities of who will take home the final AFC Wild Card. I have the Pats and Dolphins losing to get the Steelers in and I think the stars align. Pickett and Co. are cruising and todays the day they get back on track as a franchise. Easy win and easy cover, Steelers -3.

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

AFC North championship match that doesn’t matter anymore because Bengals got the nod. This is a resting matchup and I have no idea who the QB is for Baltimore. I say the Bengals win but the Ravens cover +9.

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins

Miami has no gas left and Mike White is trying to earn himself his next contract. New York plays spoiler to knock the once hot Miami out of the playoffs. Give me Jets +3.5.

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints

Ain’t nobody care game. Sorry NFC South, y’all were bad this year. I won’t even tune into this game. Maybe Taysom Hill will go off? Saints -3

Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers

Levi's Stadium is the only NFL stadium that J.J. Watt hasn't played in. Today, he will close out his career there. How isn’t football cool? Will the Cardinals sneak out a win? Probably not, but a cover, I think so. Arizona +14.

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

Giants are resting their guys which totally makes sense and the Eagles still need to lock down the No. seed. I have a weird feeling this won’t be a blow out so Giants +16. Let’s go Davis Webb!

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

If the Seahawks lose, this is the biggest game of the night. It’s hard to go against Aaron Rodgers but the way the Lions have been, how can’t you respect and root for them? I want and will manifest a Detroit win, so Lions +5!


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