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Sunday Spreads Season 3, Volume 8: Are the Bears Not Bad?

Image: Chicago Bears

Welcome back to Sunday Spreads. After a mediocre (at best) week, let's check out where Tondo and I are looking to recuperate some of our lost funds from Week 7, via our picks for every game this Sunday.

Basel's ATS 2022: 23-23 (3-3 Week 7)

Tondo's ATS 2022: 20-21-5 (2-4 Week 7)

Basel's Week 8 Picks

9:30 London Game

Denver Broncos vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Will Russell Wilson's workout come in clutch as the Broncos take on Jacksonville this morning? If you ask me, I don't think so. No matter how many high-knees Russ does on the plane, he can't avoid the fact that the Broncos are currently the worst offense in the NFL, consistently scoring less than 16 points per game against some pretty mediocre competition. Sure, Jacksonville has kinda plateaued since their breakout win over the Chargers, but I think that they've got enough spark in them to take the W in a low-scoring affair.

Jaguars -2.5

1 PM Games

Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys

Considering the question is the namesake of this week's blog, I have to ask once again; are the Bears not bad? After their 33-14 win over the Pats last week, I won't say that they're bad, but they're still not very good. During each Bears drive, I really could not understand how they were beating New England so confidently, as Justin Fields aired out pass after pass into either triple coverage or empty patches of grass. Against a better team like the Cowboys, that style of play will not fly. Even with their injuries on offense, Dallas is sporting one of the best defensive units in the league, and I think they'll make quick work of this Bears offense that has a lot of potential, but just does not yet have the adequate football IQ.

Cowboys -9.5

Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles

I wish that the latest installment of this Keystone Clash was more interesting, but it simply is not. The Eagles are coming off of a bye week as the best team in the league against a Pittsburgh team that really can't find their on-field identity. Take Eagles -10.5 in full force today.

4 PM Games

New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks

Once again, I will never be so bold to question the books, as I believe that it can only produce bad beats. However, I once again do not understand why the Giants are a 3-point underdog in this one. They are one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now at 6-1, Daniel Jones already has over 1,200 passing yards on the season with a QBR over 90, and Geno Smith's two biggest targets (Metcalf and Lockett) will enter this one with some significant injuries (if they even play at all).

Giants +3

San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams

I understand why each team in this division is underperforming, but the thought of the NFC West being as mediocre as they are right now still leaves me dumbfounded. Whoever wins this one won't catapult themselves into Super Bowl contention, but will likely establish a pretty firm grip on the division. In my opinion, I think it will be San Francisco who comes out on top here. Without Deebo Samuel, the Niners will rely heavily on Christian McCaffrey to advance the ball on the ground. As long as they can sneak past Aaron Donald enough times early on, I think Niners -1 is as safe a play as any.

Sunday Night Football

Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills

Aaron Rodgers and company simply cannot get it together, and against one of the best teams we've seen in the last five years, in a city in which Aaron Rodgers has yet to get a dub, look for the Bills to take this one.

Bills -10.5

Tondo's Week 8 Picks

1 PM Games

New England Patriots at New York Jets

What a wild year 2022 has been. Who would have thought that the Patriots would be in last place of the AFC East, and the Jets would be getting some national attention? New England has seen better days, some games playing like a playoff contender, and others looking like a JV squad. It doesn't help when injuries occur, and you have to decide between two young gunslingers. Meanwhile, the Jets have their guy in Zack Wilson, but their defense has been swarming offenses week after week. You can't be having a QB controversy against a team that is on a heater, I am confidently taking Jets +2.5 (and moneyline).

Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings

Surprisingly, the Vikings are a 5-1 football squad. Everyone thought that record would belong to the Cardinals, but they have been playing some iffy football the past few weeks. However, now that DeAndre Hopkins is back with the team, things should start looking a little better. Minnesota will have to stop the Murray-Hopkins connection in order to secure the win. This will be one of their first challenges since the Eagles game, and I think this could go either way, but I'll opt into the Vikings -3.5.

Las Vegas Raiders at New Orleans Saints

Both teams barely have two wins and I am shocked. The Raiders might be the best worst team of all time. The Saints, too. I mean talent wise, these two teams should be leading the pack. I feel bad for Jameis Winston. Let him COOK! I have no confidence in this pick, so Raiders -1, I guess?

Miami Dolphins at Detroit Lions

After being out for a few weeks with the concussion scare, Tua returned to put up a solid 21-for-35 261 passing yards and a TD performance. I think that was just the start of getting back into the swing of things. I hope Dan Campbell isn't on the hot seat, because I like his persona, however, this is a must win and easy win for Miami.

Dolphins -3.5

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons

Don't let last week's win cloud your bias, the Bucs are a bad team right now, and the Panthers needed a moral victory after trading CMC. PJ Walker is a feel good story, but the team is going to start tanking any week now. Atlanta is a fun team of players right now, and one thing is for certain, the birds know how to cover the spread (6-1 ATS). I like the Falcons -4 here.

4 PM Games

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans

Are the Titans back? They've strung together a nice little stretch of wins, while the Texans failed to close out the deal last week in the 4th quarter. Oh well. It should be a no brainer that the Titans will cover this spread, but it's worth noting that Tannehill was questionable for Sunday's game with a sprained ankle. Malik Willis could potentially make his first career start, which would be interesting. Either way, doesn't matter who the QB is, can Houston contain Derrick Henry? For their 5th straight win, I'll go Titans -2.5.

Washington Commanders at Indianapolis Colts

One of those, does anyone actually care game? We've got backup quarterbacks battling it out for two bad teams trying to prove that they aren't that bad. I think the Colts issues are beyond just the quarterback, so I'll take Washington +2.5.


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