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Sunday Spreads Season 3, Volume 9: Ain't No Lie, Baby, Bye Bye Bye

Just like he is in the above photo, Dak Prescott is going to spend his Sunday fairly sedentary, as his Cowboys and 5 other teams are on a Bye this week. It's slim pickings for bets this week, but regardless, Will Tondo and I are here to give you our best bets for this light football Sunday.

Basel's 2022 ATS: 26-26 (3-3 Week 8)

Tondo's 2022 ATS: 24-24-5 (4-3 Week 8)

Basel's Week 9 Picks

1 PM Games

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots The Pats are coming off a much-needed bounce back win against the Jets last week, and while it definitely wasn't pretty, following it up with Indianapolis should be the perfect way to continue their push back into the Wild Card conversation. If the Patriots are a team with a questionable QB situation, then the Colts are one with a QB nightmare. Sam Ehlinger looked decent slinging the ball last week, but was unable to find the end zone in the air, and without Jonathan Taylor this week, I don't know if he'll be able to take full command, especially in Foxborough, where the Colts have been frighteningly bad in recent years.

Patriots -5.5

Los Angeles Chargers at Atlanta Falcons

I hate to be that guy, but Atlanta is going to break their cover streak this week against the Chargers. Even with a few considerable injuries, such as Bosa, Ekeler, and Williams, I think a week off will have this team rested (or charged, if you will) enough to get by this Atlanta team by more than a field goal. While the Falcons have been a cover machine as of late, only their win against San Francisco showed me anything remotely impressive.

Chargers -3

Minnesota Vikings at Washington Commanders

I think it's time to retire my favorite game to play during the regular season, titled "Are the Vikings Good?", as their 5-game win streak pretty much answers that question. Yes, those wins come from the Cardinals, Lions, and Saints as of late, but they've at least got enough to keep me betting on them for one more week against the Commanders. Acquiring TJ Hockenson gives Kirk Cousins another serious target to throw to this season, so expect a pretty well-spread receiving performance from the Vikes this week.

Vikings -3

Miami Dolphins at Chicago Bears

In one of the luckiest breaks I've seen in a while, Miami needed no time to get back into winning shape following Tua's return from concussion. He's been calm, cool, and collected behind center, running an explosive offense once again, and has not turned the ball over a month. Defensively, Miami has been solid at stopping the run, which is pretty much where the Bears have found recent success in between questionable Justin Fields throws. If Montgomery and Herbert play solid, this could be a single-digit loss for Chicago at best.

Dolphins -4.5

4 PM Games

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

Two rough defenses leaves this one up to how both teams move the ball. Geno has been great so far this year, and Kyler painfully mid, but DeAndre Hopkins has breathed some new life into this unit that failed to do anything against Seattle in Week 6. The Seahawks defense has been hot lately, but I think Arizona will have changed their game plane enough to confuse them early on and grab a close win.

Cardinals -2

Sunday Night Football

Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs

Wow! A Primetime Game actually worth watching for once. While I think the Chiefs are a pretty clear favorite in this one, a 12.5 point spread leaves this one in a perfect spot for an interesting bet. Tennessee's offense has not been good, but Kansas once again finds themselves with trouble covering the spread at 3-4. Regardless of who starts at QB, it's clear that the Titans will be running through Derrick Henry for most of the night, but Malik Willis has looked really competent at QB to serve as a safe second option. Expect the Titans defense to stun Kansas City on the ground and force this entire game on Mahomes' shoulders.

Titans +12.5

Tondo's Week 9 Picks

1 PM Games

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

Not helping your MVP quarterback is just disrespectful at this point. The issues stem deeper than a WR, but the Packers have no juice. Even though they traded away TJ Hockenson, I still like D-Town to cover.

Lions +3.5

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

The AFC East battle we've all been waiting for. Wait, we have? The Jets had a nice little first half run, but let's be honest, it wasn't that crazy. The Bills are Super Bowl bound and you can't convince me otherwise. No trap game here. Jets aren't fraudulent but they aren't that credible. Give me Bills -11

Las Vegas Raiders at Jacksonville Jaguars

The classic "ain't nobody care game". I still see the Jags as a dumpster fire little brother, but to be honest, the Raiders aren't too far behind. I think Las Vegas needs it more so I'm going to go with Raiders -2.5.

Carolina Panthers at Cincinnati Bengals

Battle of some big cats, and I have no strong opinion towards this game. Bengals are underperforming, and Panthers are dismantled. Again, my gut (which might kick me from behind) says Cincy, so I'll go Bengals -7.5.

4 PM Games

Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Now, here's where things get fraudulent. The supposed NFC title game is now two teams with old ass QB's who now have under .500 records. They both stink. All the talent, all the accolades, and absolutely no bite. I am going strictly on records ATS, and the Bucs are 6-2, while the Rams are 2-5. Put me down for Buccaneers -3.5.

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