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Tales of the Titans: Ran Carthon makes a splash, signs 3x All-Pro, DeAndre Hopkins

Photo: USA TODAY / Titans Wire

DeAndre Hopkins is a Tennessee Titan. After a long offseason, where the Cardinals cut the 3-time All-Pro, after failing to get any reasonable trade offers, Hopkins finally signed with a team. While most of social media is ripping him for signing with Tennessee, when he said he wanted to be with a team that could give him a shot to win a Super Bowl, they are wrong. D-Hop will be the focal point of the passing game, giving Ryan Tannehill a similar weapon to AJ Brown, when Tannehill was one of the most efficient QB’s in the league. Treylon Burks, the AJ replacement, who showed flashes of greatness in his rookie year (who is reportedly in way better shape this offseason), will also benefit from a veteran who has a similar skillset as him. Second-year tight end, Chig Okonkwo is primed for a super sophomore season as well, and adding Hopkins will no doubt aid his production. On top of that, this offense isn’t even geared toward the pass. Derrick Henry will still be the main source of yards, and the defense’s energy. Rookie Tyjae Spears looks to be a capable backup and third-down back as well. The addition of an alpha WR1 will make the play-action game even more dangerous, especially if slot receiver Kyle Phillps stays healthy. Speaking of staying healthy, if the defense does, they are a top-5 unit in the league, and will keep the team in games so that Hopkins can go to work late in the second half. The contract is also a steal, with 2-years, $26 million, up to $32 million in incentives. This move was the cherry on top of a great first offseason for new GM Ran Carthon.


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