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Terance Mann had an all time reaction to James Harden walking into the Clippers locker room

Sometimes it blows my mind how the NBA is a real thing and not some fake reality show. Like I can't believe the content we get is real people's lives and not some actors or some Truman show shit. This video went viral last night of Harden and Westbrook reuniting in the Clippers locker room before the game, but the HIGH-KEY funniest thing in the video is Terance Mann in the back looking PISSED to see Harden.

To be fair, if I was Mann, I'd be pretty pissed as well considering he was in the middle of trade talks for the past 6 weeks for Harden. The Sixers were ADAMANT about getting Mann in the deal for Harden. However, the Sixers wanted to get rid of the guy so bad that they just settled for a trio of washed bums (Morris, RoCo and Batum). I bet Mann was pretty relieved that he got to stay but now that Harden is there he's probably thinking "this is the bum that I was gonna get traded for?" Just wait until Mann is wide open for a corner 3 but Harden decides to ball hog and shoot a horrible fade away and then complains to the ref and doesn't play defense.

Okay, okay, I might be jumping the gun a bit, but you can probably tell I'm not the biggest Harden fan. I think he is a LOSER and GENERATIONAL choker. I'm gonna write a separate blog about how I think Harden won't fit with the Clippers at all and it will crash and burn like it always does with Harden, but that is for another TIME. For now, just enjoy Terance Mann being petty AF.


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