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Thanks for showing up Boston! Jimmy Butler closes out the Eastern Conference Finals in style.


Boston, what happened?? Down 3-0, you have to give the C's credit for not falling on their backs and quitting, however, they put up a dud in Game 7. Tatum's clutchness is in question, Jaylen Brown's ability and prescnese will be the talk of the offseason, Derrick White's game winner is now forgotten, and Blake Griffin fails to get to the finals. As a Knicks fan, you have to sit back and smile, but as a basketball admirer, all you have to do is appreciate what Jimmy Butler has accomplished.

He knocked down Giannis, slowed down New York, and now conquered Boston after failing to do so last year. At the end of the day, Butler called game.

24.7 points, 7.6 rebounds and 6.1 assists in 7 games in the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals. Miami has been an unstoppable force, and it's all thanks to the efforts by Himmy. Can he now get the job done? This Nuggets/Heat series is about to be electric.


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