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The Actual CFP Rankings

On Tuesday night, the first CFP playoff rankings dropped. These rankings don't really matter in the long run, but it gives us sorta an idea of where teams are and which teams control their own destiny.

Here are the rankings:

No major surprises here in my opinion except why is Ohio State in front of Georgia? Again, none of these rankings matter because we have one vs three this weekend and Michigan and Ohio State in a couple weeks.

Because these rankings don't really matter, I've compiled 4 schools that I believe should be the top 4. Let's get into my rankings:

4. UConn

UConn is 4-5 on the year, however they are 7-2 ATS this year (!!!). UConn is a program that might not even exist in a couple years, and the fact they are 7-2 ATS this year is amazing. We need to celebrate this. UConn beat Boston College this past weekend in a riveting game with the final score 13-3. UConn hadn't beaten a Power Five Opponent since 2016 and have easily been one of the worst programs in the last decade. I don't care how many games UConn wins or loses, they are covering the spread, and that's what matters.

3. Kansas

Another football program that has been a laughing stock until this year. Kansas was always a basketball school, but now they might be considered a fun football school as well. What really matters with Kansas is they are 6-1-1 ATS. Instead of celebrating the same schools every year like Ohio State, Georgia, etc, we need to start celebrating the teams that are the best at cover the spread. I think we should make a new bowl game where the two top teams ATS play each other to see who can cover one last time.

2. Tulane

Tulane is having an insane season because they are currently ranked in the top 25 and they are 7-1 ATS. If you are having a great season and covering the spread at the same time, you deserve to be in the CFP. Tulane has a big game coming up this weekend against Toledo, but I expect them to be in a good bowl game this year.

1. Tennessee

This is where I will agree with the committee. Tennessee should be ranked #1 because they have played the best football, but they are also 7-1 ATS. I think the natty right now should be Tulane vs Tennessee. Whoever covers the spread is the National Champion. I think Tennessee would be a 31 point favorite against Tulane. Tulane could lose by 29 points and they would be the natty champs because they covered the spread. Definitely something the committee needs to think about. Tennessee has a HUGE game this weekend against Georgia and are currently 9.5 underdogs. Let's cover that spread UT.

That's my top 4! Let's celebrate the best teams ATS!


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