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The Celtics Post: Blog Introduction and Tribute to the Legendary Tommy Heinsohn

(Pictured Above from Left to Right: Tom Heinsohn, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Bill Sharman, Frank Ramsey)

Photo: Boston Globe Archive/The Boston Globe

Welcome to the Celtics Post, a place dedicated to anything and everything related to the Boston Celtics as well as the NBA at large. My name is Cam Jesson but you can refer to me as CJ for short. I have been a Celtics fan since the 06-07 season. I distinctly remember watching Paul Pierce dominate with his step back jumper, Al Jefferson school more athletic players with his crafty post moves, and Rondo zipping up and down the court dropping dimes left and right. I was so amazed at the skill these players had that it didn’t matter that they were one of the worst teams in the league, I knew they were my favorite team. My love for the Celtics only grew as I learned about their history of winning, how passionate the fan base is, and the energy that the teams always play with. Writing this blog on November 12th, it would be remiss of me not to pay tribute to the late Tommy Heinsohn, a man who embodied everything that makes the Celtics so great.

Tommy was a winner throughout his career. He came into the league and immediately won a championship, highlighted by his game 7 performance of 37 points and 23 rebounds! He went on to win 8 championships in total over his career as both a player and as a coach. After his playing days he went on to have a legendary career as a commentator. He was loved by Celtics fans because of his unwavering support for the team, his timeless wisdom, and his disdain for the referees. Tommy’s legacy will live on through all of us as Celtics lore and culture is passed down through generations. Tommy’s passion for the Celtics played a big part in me developing my love for the team and helped inspire me to start writing about the Celtics.

My goal with this blog is to share my love for the Celtics and to write about unique opinions that I have. While I am definitely a Celtics homer that doesn’t mean that I view the Celtic’s through rose colored glasses. This is an opinion blog which will sometimes praise the Celtics while at other times be extremely critical of them. I love talking about the Celtics and basketball. I think I have some unique opinions and a different way of looking at things then a lot of what is on popular news sites. I can’t stand reading lazy, unthoughtful opinions from people who only watch the Celtics when they’re playing on national TV. I spend so much time thinking about the Celtics I figured I might as well write some thoughts down and let the internet be the judge. My ultimate goal for the blog is to share my love of the Celtics and to connect with other Celtics fans along the way.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the coming blogs to find out what I think about different moves the Celtics could make heading into the draft!

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