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The Curious Case of the Knicks: NovaKnicks is in place with addition of Donte DiVincenzo

One of the worst kept secrets since Jalen Brunson, but it doesn't matter. Donte DiVincenzo, a fellow Villanova alumni and NBA Champion, joins his friends in the big apple.

The Knicks were exposed against Miami for not having enough shooting, and now they bring in a guy who's a career 36.2 percent 3-point shooter, and a high-IQ player who doesn’t make mistakes often, averaging only 1.4 turnovers throughout his five-year NBA career.

It's safe to say, Jalen Brunson has influence on this team. He got his college teammates to join this squad, in hopes of recreating their MSG success now on the bigger stage. With addition of DiVincenzo, the Knicks got better. They improved their offensive, they added versatility on both ends of the floor, they added a reliable depth piece, and they brought in a certified winner.

It helps when the Knicks acquired Josh Hart, who has truly cemented himself as a fan favorite. This offseason, instead of trying to find a bigger bag or negotiate with the Knicks, he opted into $13 million dollar option, which gave New York more financial flexibility in signing DiVincenzo. He also has been hitting up the lines of his other friends, Damian Lillard and Mikal Bridges, trying to spark their interests in requesting a trade to New York.

The Knicks got better, and are building something special. The Nova Brotherhood is strong, and now it's only a matter of time until they replicate the collegiate greatness.



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