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The dominoes are falling! Packers give Rodgers the bag, Russell Wilson heading over to the Broncos

Holy hell, it's about to be an offseason. One of the biggest (and most controversial?) names in the NFL, MVP Aaron Rodgers, just kicked over the dominoes to start the quarterback carousel and offseason shenanigans. There was speculation he was retiring, or at least not going to be playing for the Packers anymore, who were bounced in the playoffs and very cap restricted. Well, the tables have turned, and he just signed a MASSIVE deal.

The deal is reported to be a 4-year, $200M deal that makes him the highest paid player in NFL history. He gets a whopping $153M guaranteed and his cap number goes down. A monstrous commitment by GB for years to come. They then placed the tag on Devonta Adams, who was going to be one of the hottest wide receiver targets in free agency this year.

The dominoes were continuing to fall.

With that being said, the Broncos wanted to pivot their attention to the next big name QB who was supposedly on the market, Russell Wilson. Now reports have come out and said that the two sides have been in talks for weeks, but I don't buy it. Schefter dropped the news this afternoon, and man, it was for a haul.

Honestly, the Broncos got FLEECED. Drew Lock isn't the future in the QB room, but FIVE picks plus Noah Fant and Shelby Harris is major for Seattle. The Seahawks needed to regroup some of their picks after shelling out three for Jamal Adams.

Russell Wilson is coming off one of his worst seasons (which wasn't even terrible), but this trade will be judged for years to come. The AFC is a powerhouse of QB's, with Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, Lamar, Burrow, Carr, Watson (maybe), and now Wilson. WOW.

In other NFL news, this offseason is going to be MASSIVE. The 2022 salary cap will be at $208.2M, up over $25 million from last year. Players are about to get paid.

Today alone, the Chargers re-signed WR Mike Williams to a 3-year $60M dollar deal. The franchise tag was in full force today with guys like TE Dalton Schultz (Cowboys), TE David Njoku (Browns), S Jessie Bates (Bengals), OT Orlando Brown (Chiefs), TE Mike Gesicki (Dolphins), and potentially WR Chris Goodwin (Bucs).

Get your popcorn ready, this is going to be a wild wild offseason. Schefty Bombs incoming...

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