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The dream is free, hustle is sold separately. CEO Emily Cisek, shares her startup story.

Nobody likes to think about what it’ll be like when they die, but after she lost three loved ones, Emily Cisek knew the process had to change. She discovered that there wasn’t a single digital platform that could help someone simplify how they organized their life or stay on top of ever-changing data. So after a solid career in public relations and marketing, Emily founded The Postage Inc. a full-service platform to digitize legacy planning.

Emily talks with us about her formative days at Bryant University, her big move to Texas, and how she’s been able to pass on this important message of The Postage to investors. The interview dives into the lessons entrepreneurs learn in the process and advice for visionaries through the journey. Emily's interview can be found at the 9:45 mark on this week's episode.


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