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A match made in content heaven. The Giants should try to sign the "Bussin' With The Boys" duo.

As anticipated, long time Titans tackle, Taylor Lewan, has been released from the team. With a high price tag and injury history, the team had no choice but to move on, and Lewan was hinting at this for the past few weeks.

As a Giants and Bussin' fan, selfishly, I think this is a match made in heaven. We have some time until the offseason kicks off, but I think the Giants should do some digging and entertain the idea of the Boys in the Big Apple. Here are my three reasons why.


Reason 1: The Giants need depth in the O-Line and Linebacker Department

Let's take a look at what the Giants are working with. Now this is before the draft and free agency, but there is clearly a need for some veteran presence in these departments.

Lewan is a 3x Pro-Bowl Left Tackle with 100 games started under his belt. Will Compton is a journey man with playoff experience. I know injuries and lack of playtime have derailed them a bit, but these are two assets that can help guide and mentor a locker room.

I am not saying these guys should be coming in as starters right off the bat, but hey, you never know. What am I saying is that financially, it wouldn't cost and arm and a leg, and they both would provide great depth to the fairly weak position.

Reason 2: The New York Connection with Barstool

Both of these guys are free agents now, so obviously the ball is their court, but now that they are, why not bring the bus up to New York and be closer to HQ? The amount of content that would be created for their sakes would explode the charts. The office is always buzzing when the Boys are in town, with the duo in the Giants locker room, it would be a massive win for Barstool and fans as a whole. Plus, the fire Giants x BWTB content and Merch that would be pushed would break the internet.

Reason 3: Veteran Leadership and Morale Guys

Brian Daboll and Joe Schoen are building something special at Met Life. They have created a new culture and players took notice on how much fun and support the Giants had in playing for the organization. Taylor Lewan was part of the culture shift from the dark days in Tennessee, to countless playoff appearances. Will Compton is the overall hype guy of the NFL, and people have respect and admiration for the duo. If they can build an incredible brand in their podcast, they can help build a successful and lovable franchise in New York.

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