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The House Enterprise Fantasy League Recap, Week 13 - Presented by PlayAction Pools.

Our Football Analyst, Jordan Laube, crunched the numbers and provided The House the official power rankings and projections. For the Playoff Odds screenshots, one is based on current projections, the other one is based on if the team with the better record wins this week. Also should be noted not everyone has adjusted their lineup, so the projections might be off. Mastrianni is projected to lose, but 3 of his normal starters are on his bench at the moment. Two teams are locked in for the playoffs. Ben Allen and myself. There are two spots left amongst three guys (Mastrianni, Eddy, and Laube). We are down to the wire.

Current Playoff Projections

If these four teams win next week, we're looking at this playoff bracket.

  • No. 1 Ben Allen vs. No 4. Mastrianni

  • No. 2 Laube vs. No. 3 Tondo

Playoff Odds and Power Rankings


Top Performers

  • QB: Kyler Murray (ARI) (3x Top) - 123 yards 2 TD, 59 yards rush 2 TD | 30.82 points

  • RB: Javonte Williams (DEN) - 102 yards rushing, 6 rec. 76 yards,1TD | 29.80 points

  • WR: Justin Jefferson (MIN) (2x Top) - 11 rec. 182 yards 1 TD | 35.60 points

  • TE: George Kittle (SF) - 9 rec. 181 yards, 2 TD | 39.60 points

  • D/ST: Chargers - 6 sacks, 2 INT, 2 FR, 1TD, 22 PA | 20 points

  • K: Jake Elliot (PHI) (2x Top) - 3 PAT, 4 FG |15 points

If you had this team = 170.82 points


Fantasy Football Standings

Scoreboard Week 13

  • Tondo (150.81) vs. Eddy (145.04)

  • Mastrianni (155.42) vs. Zimmer (132.26)

  • Ford (88.02) vs. Laube (157.72)

  • Ben Allen (126.53) vs. Hanold (83.05)

  • Basel (135.25) vs. ClubFootJim (132.42)


PlayAction Pools Pick 'Em Standings

1st: Zach Mastrianni | 134 Points

2nd: Will Tondo | 127 Points

3rd: Jordan Laube | 126 Points

4th: Chris Hanold | 124 Points

5th: Sam Basel | 123 Points

6th: Eddy Szalan | 122 Points

7th: Jack Dunne | 119 Points

8th: James Mas |115 Points

9th: Jake Zimmer | 105 Points

10th: Ben Allen | 104 Points

11th: Ford Klier | 89 Points


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