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The House Enterprise Fantasy League Recap, Week 7 - Presented by PlayAction Pools.

Seven weeks in and things are heating up. The league is filled with a lot of things going on, and here's what's happening in the House.

  • Only four teams have winning records in fantasy football. The trade market is firing up.

  • Seven out of the eleven guys have 70 points worth of picks. Jordan Laube leads the pack slightly.


Top Performers

  • QB: Matt Stafford (LAR) - 334 yards 3TD | 27.16 points

  • RB: Alvin Kamara (NO)- 51 yards rushing. 10 rec. 128 yards,1TD | 33.9 points

  • WR: Cooper Kupp (LAR) (2x Top) - 10 rec. 156 yards 2 TD | 37.6 points

  • TE: CJ Uzomah (CIN) (2x Top) - 3 rec. 91 yards 2 TD | 24.1 points

  • D/ST: Buccaneers- 4 sacks, 3 INT, 2 FR, 3 PA | 21 points

  • K: Nick Folk (NE) (2x Top) - 6 PAT, 2 FG | 14 points

If you had this team = 157.76 points


Fantasy Football Standings

With four playoff spots up for grabs, the East is between Ben, Tondo, and Zach. The wild West is a total crapshoot, with everyone except Eddy holding a 3-4 record.

Scoreboard Week 7

  • Tondo (155.34) vs. ClubFootJim (140.99)

  • Zimmer (126.6) vs. Jordan (139.97)

  • Mastrianni (128.19) vs. Basel (111.26)

  • Ben Allen (163.74) vs. Ford (112.78)

  • Hanold (87.44) vs. Eddy (165.39)


Trade Alerts!

After starting the season 1-6, Chris Hanold has decided to fulfill his fantasy as "Buffalo Me". His fire sale began, with the hopes of creating an all Bills fantasy lineup.

1. Hanold receives: Devin Singletary (RB-Bills), Cole Beasley (WR-Bills)

Ben receives: Jakobi Meyers (WR-Patriots), Marquez Callaway (WR-Saints)

2. Hanold receives: Zack Moss (RB-Bills)

Eddy receives: Julio Jones (WR-Titans)

3. Hanold receives: Josh Allen (QB-Bills), Kareem Hunt (RB-Browns), Justin Jefferson (WR-Vikings)

Tondo receives: Patrick Mahomes (QB-Chiefs), Derrick Henry (RB-Titans)

These moves pushed Hanold from projected 8th to 7th. Tondo shot up from 7th to 2th, Ben went from 6 to 1, and Eddy went from 9th to 3rd.

With Stefon Diggs, Emanuel Sanders, and Tyler Bass already in his lineup, Hanold will need to acquire the Bills Defense, a Bills defender, and Tight End Dawson Knox. Hopefully the wagons are circling for Mr. Hanold shortly.


PlayAction Pools Pick 'Em Standings

1st: Jordan Laube| 77 Points

2nd: Eddy Szalan | 76 Points

T-3rd: Jack Dunne | 75 Points

T-3rd: Zach Mastrianni | 75 Points

4th: Chris Hanold | 72 Points

T-5th: Sam Basel | 71 Points

T-5th: Will Tondo| 71 Points

6th: Ben Allen | 68 Points

7th: James Mas |67 Points

8th: Jake Zimmer | 61 Points

9th: Ford Klier | 53 Points


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