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The Jameson Taillon Resurgence Tour! Yankees pitcher earns American League Pitcher of the Month.

It took a minute for Jameson Taillon to catch his stride, but the former No. 2 overall draft pick is catching fire. We really shouldn't have had any doubts, because Gerrit Cole (his former teammate) vouched for him.

It was a rocky start, and all fans were ready to roast Cashman for the acquisition. In his first 12 starts, Taillon only managed to get to 6 innings once. He also boasted a 5.74 ERA. Granted, he only pitched just about 37 innings over the last two seasons, from Tommy John and Cancer surgery, Taillon was going to be a work in progress, including a FIP of 4.48 and xFIP of 4.49. He also has solid command, generating a statline of 9.79 strikeouts per nine innings, but it has been overpowered by giving up nearly two home runs in the same stretch. All this aside, this past month of July showcased the pitcher Yankees desperately needed.

Taillon has become a sneaky weapon right before our eyes. In the month of July, he had five high-quality starts. He went 4-0 in 31 innings pitched. The stats are beautiful. 25 strikeouts, 4 earned runs, and 10 walks. Not to mention a 1.16 ERA, which was the lowest in the entire American League. Okay, Jamo! It's not even July, his past seven starts have showcased his resurgence.

W-L: 6-0

2.11 ERA

.218 BAA

35 K

With Gerrit Cole as the ace, Taillon pumping gas, and the reinforcement of Sevy, Kluber, and Schmidt, the rotation is coming together for postseason baseball. Can you smellllllllll what the Yanks are cooking?!


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