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The Knicks should either lock up Mitch Robinson or trade for Myles Turner, and that's Talkin Centers

The clock is ticking until June 30th. That is the day Knicks Center, Mitchell Robinson, will learn his fate with the Knicks.

Robinson is currently eligible for an extension worth up to $55.6 million over four years. Since the Knicks exercised his team option for this season, he will become an unrestricted free agent.

It's one of their only decisions they have to make in terms of resigning, because they have several players under long-term contracts. The only free agents are Mitch and Ryan Arcidiacono.

There has been mixed reports about Mitch's happiness with the team. Back in February, his uncle tweeted he couldn’t wait for Robinson to leave New York. The New York Post reported that after the Feb. 10 trade deadline, the Pistons and Bulls had talked to the Knicks in the days leading up to that date and were interested in the young center. Yet the Knicks decided to keep him.

Robinson is a shot blocking and alley-oop/putback dunk machine, and I love his presence on the team. He does get injured, but he possess so much raw talent. If Mitchell Robinson isn't the guy or doesn't want to be here, that leaves two centers on the roster. Nerlens Noel and Taj Gibson. Two vets, who are solid in their own accords, but not playoff starters. Jericho Sims could be that guy, but he is a tad undersized in my opinion, still a very solid option.

If the Knicks can't or choose not to lock him up, the best and most attainable option I believe is Pacers Myles Turner. The 2x Blocks Leader has been on the Knicks radar, and I thought he was actually a possibility at the deadline last season. The Pacers began their rebuild last year, and I think he could be on the move. But do the stats back it up to swap out Mitch for Myles?

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Mitch is an effective shooter, but Myles Turner is a better scorer. Their stats are fairly similar. To be honest, I've always have been a big fan of Myles Turner. Every Knicks 2k team I have rebuilt, I have added Turner to the squad.

I'd like for the Knicks to keep Robinson, but it has to be a mutual interest and the right price. Could the Bulls or Mavs pry him away? They might. Could the Pacers and Knicks partake in a sign-and-trade? Hard to say, but if Robinson is out, then I think that's the only play to improve.


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