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The Knicks should know better than this. Give Chrissy Moltisanti some respect.

Queue the people who have never seen the Sopranos to get all bent out of shape that Michael Imperioli wasn't addressed as Actor, "The Sopranos"

Well, honestly #MeToo. You probably have seen this post over a hundred times over the past day, but I don't disagree. It just doesn't look right.

It's like showing a photo of Dwayne Wade and saying "Chicago Bulls Guard" or a clip of Paul McCartney from the "Kanye Song". It's not a false statement, it just isn't the one that matches the puzzle.

Who am I to say what should be done, but I feel as if you're going to promote a celebrity, you'll at least include his most famous piece of work AND his most recent. Listen, I get it. He is an actor in White Lotus, the second season dropped recently, but his work as Christopher in the Sopranos is 10/10.

All you had to do was Michael Imperioli, Actor "Sopranos" and "White Lotus". That's it.

Reject Modernity, Embrace tradition.

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