The Lockout Report: Outlining the Yankees Potential Offseason Moves

As we begin to see December 2nd creeping in, we have to begin to come to this awful realization. What realization might that be? There is a potential that we may not see any action within the baseball world for 2 plus months. This puts us in a tough spot as Yankees fans as we truly wanted to see some change being made early on, but it almost appears as though we may need to wait a bit longer than expected.

The New York Yankees are a storied franchise. In fact, they may be the most storied franchise in all of sports. Yet, this franchise has not won a world series since 2009, and have not made it to a world series since the exact same year. There have been cheating scandals which could be to blame, yet all in all we see year in and year out that this is not a championship winning core of players. We desperately rely on the home run in order to have success in a game, and sure our pitching has gotten better, but there are starts for some of our best pitchers where they couldn't muster up a run for him. Think of how many games Jordan Montegomery couldn’t win because the massive offense we possess couldn't score? This team needs a major shift in their roster and their mindset.

To outline our starting point at this exact moment, the Yankees are willing to be big spenders this offseason, per Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner. At the moment, the Yankees are committed to paying $210,285,714 million in current players salaries. They are also paying just slightly over $2 million for their minor leaguers as well. On this current roster, there are alot of players who are in their second Arbitration year, and we will need to factor in the potential for them getting paid more than they had in the previous years. Like Gallo for example, he is in his arb 3 year and will most likely be looking for more money. Aaron Judge is the best player on this team, and could possibly get a major extension this offseason. There are alot of factors in play for the Yankees this offseason. Now, at the time of writing this, some of the guys the Yanks were contractually obligated to pay, like Tyler Wade, Clint Frazier, and Rougned Odor are no longer on the team, and were DFA’d. That being said, there are other players on this team who are up for arbitration who may or may not be getting paid more or less than their previous year. Gary Sanchez is a perfect example. This guy sucks. I have nothing but awful and terrible things to say about Gary Sanchez. He has provided absolutely no value to this team, with the exception of his two solid offensive years. He should not be getting paid more than $7.5 million after hitting just slightly above .200 this season.

According to Brian Cashaman, the Yankees are committed to spending anywhere from $250-$290 million this offseason. With the lockout beginning on December 2nd, we will have to rely on the potential moves for a while rather than real moves. Will Tondo and myself will be outlining this offseason on a position by position basis. We can’t wait to bring you this content.