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The Nets downfall continues, Steve Nash is OUT as Head Coach. Trouble in paradise?!

We've got a Woj Bomb and a Notes App Goodbye. Ohhh baby, the Nets downfall is officially underway.

Not to long ago, their superstar Kevin Durant, requested a trade (twice!). He asked Nets Governor, Joe Tsai, to fire both their GM, and head coach Steve Nash. By the summer ended, the trade request was rescinded and Nash still had his job.

I guess a 2-5 start got Tsai trigger happy, or it turns out Kevin Durant got his wishes. Now the question is, how long does this team last? Who's going to coach, I mean we know it's a players driven team already, but still, this team is raw.

Ben Simmons is "hurt", and also averaging a cool 6.2 points per game. Kyrie Irving is being himself, dropping a steady 30 points but also being very vocal and strong on social media. As a Knicks fan, you gotta smile. Kevin Durant hasn't won shit with Brooklyn. Kyrie has been a headache.

All I have to say is, I'd much rather our "mid-three" then this "big-three". In Thibs We Trust. Brunson is my PG. Knicks are making the playoffs, book it!

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