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The New NBA on ESPN Theme Song Just Dropped and It Is Garbage

YIKES. I mean this is just awful. Theme songs for leagues and different channels are really an intricate part of the viewing experience and this is straight garbage. How many of us can sing the NFL on Fox, CBS, or even MNF theme song from memory? I can sing those bad boys in my sleep and this new NBA on ESPN theme song is just not it.

Also, let's listen to the old NBA on ESPN theme song. It is a timeless classic. All I see when I hear this song is Dirk hitting his 7th one legged fadeaway over Chris Bosh to seal the Mavericks championship in 2011 or I see Kobe Bryant walking into the Staples Center tunnel and hiding behind the pole and tricking the camera man. This song was a HUGE part of my childhood and changing it is a horrible choice by ESPN.

Wow, every year I'm not that excited for NBA, but whenever I hear that NBA on ESPN theme, I'm immediately taken back to the good ole Lob City days of the Clippers. The internet was not happy at the new song. Check out Twitter's reaction below.

Yikes, really not good. They also introduced some new graphics that actually looked pretty sweet. The graphics refresh by ESPN overall looked very clean, but the song is just garbage.

NBA kicks off in two weeks! Absolutely insane! Cannot wait to get back on my Laker and Lebron hating agenda after a LONGGGGG offseason. (Remember, they did not make the playoffs).


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