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The state of sports gambling, featuring Vik Chokshi, Head of Sports Betting Content at FOX Sports

Vik Chokshi of FOX Sports (27:17) joins the show this week to discuss all things betting! Vik, a born-and-raised Chicago guy, fell in love with the Bears, Bulls, and Cubs from a young age. We discuss his favorite athletes growing up, his entry into the sports betting space, and the process of getting into his current role at FOX Sports.

Vik sheds some light into why major networks are now embracing sports betting, FOX’s strategy in the gambling space, and why this is the time to get in the market. We also discuss the new broadcast booth of Kevin Burkhardt & Greg Olsen, and why they might just be the best duo in football broadcasting. Vik also gives his thoughts on the Super Bowl and what we can expect to see on FOX Sports these upcoming days.


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