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"Things I imagined" WOULD NEVER HAPPEN - A global Pandemic

Happy Labor Day everyone! Things I imagined that would NEVER happen ....2020.... I got the chance to drink a VERY nice beer from @foambrewers “Things I Imagine” this easy sipping and delicious IPA is perfect for a nice warm summer day. With a citrus after-tone and a beautiful mouth feel this beer is top notch.

Foam brewing, based in Burlington VT, is a funky and hip brewery that has been around for 4 years. The brewery has been grinding away and is now on of the MUST go places in VT. The funky ascetic and cool furniture make this an oasis for craft beer lovers who want a different experience when drinking. Not only do they have cool can designs they have live music, food trucks, and incredible beer. If you are in Burlington, go get yourself some beer.


The Boston Beer Guy


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