This is not a drill. Tesla and Elon Musk Reveal a "Humanoid Tesla Robot".

The end is near my friends. Just when you thought it the world was going to shit and that there was no hope for peace and harmony or even just normalcy. Tesla is at it again. We knew this was inevitable, and we knew if anyone was going to engage in this, it would be Elon Musk. From self-driving cars to cryptocurrency, Elon has a new interest in mind. Introducing The Tesla Bot.

So why robots and why now? Elon Musk said, “what happens when there is a shortage of labor”. Enter in Tesla Bot, codenamed Optimus Prime”, which will fill the gaps where the country (and the world) needs help. These robots will perform the jobs and tasks that are “dangerous, repetitive, and boring”. So quick math here, that means military, medical, and minimum wage jobs pretty much. So not only did COVID force people to lose jobs. Government stimuli came in and now it’s HARD to hire work because nobody wants to work. Boom. Let’s fill those jobs with robots. We’re screwed.

On the business side of this, $TSLA had only slight movement since the news was announced. The presentation behind what's new with Tesla resulted in about a .78% increase. Its basis discussed not only the robot AI works, but also how Tesla develops its autonomous-driving functions. There weren’t a lot of new details about vehicle safety or the company’s marketing practices about its Autopilot and Full Self Driving vehicle features, which have been front of mind for investors recently.

Tesla and Elon Musk says that the robots will have a top speed of 5mph, carry a capacity of 45 pounds, and arms extend lift up to 10 pounds. He ensures there should be “no fear” in a robot uprising because the capabilities of the robot will allow you “to run away from it and overpower it with no problem”. That’s until they learn to become stronger and smarter than us. Tesla Bot is listed as 5’8 and 125 pounds, so shoutout to the short kings of the world. Maybe our friends who are 6-foot-plus can save us from the total world domination that Hollywood has warned us about for years.

Side Notes - I like Elon Musk and Tesla. No hate all love, just a little scared (i.e. spare me when the takeover occurs :) )