Time to hit the reset button. General Manager and Head Coach Candidates for the New York Giants.

The time has come for Giants fans to start hushing away this awful season, and hoping for change in the near future. It is safe to say the Dave Gettleman era is over after next week.

He signed Nate Solder to an overpriced deal, traded away JPP and OBJ, went 50/50 at best on draft picks, never improved the offensive line, and trashed the salary cap. All of this, and he went a league worse 19-64.

In an somewhat ideal world, or even a happy medium, I wouldn't mind if the Giants followed the Boston Celtics model. They promote Joe Judge to General Manager and hire a new head coach. The only reason I say this is the fact that the Giants brass is enamored by Joe Judge. However, I doubt this occurs.

It's time to look at greener pastures, and if I were John Mara, I would hit the reset button.


General Manager

John Dorsey: Lions Senior Personnel Executive

A 2x Super Bowl Champ and well respected name in the NFL. He understands how to build the foundation to a winning team. He helped improve the Chiefs from 2013 to 2017 and turned around the Browns from a winless team to a playoff contender.

Joe Schoen: Bills Assistant GM

He's Brandon Beane's right hand man and an integral part of bringing in the right people to Buffalo. He was a scout for Bill Parcels and understands assessing talent.

Eliot Wolf: Patriots FO Consultant

A long time employee of the Packers, Wolf rose the ranks for a decade in various director roles in pro and player personnel and football operations. Now with the Patriots, he's been a respected voice and highly touted in the organization.

Scott Pioli: 5x NFL Executive of the Year

A household name amongst NFL executives, he won three Super Bowls in the Patriots organization, and held the GM role for the Chiefs in 2009-20012, and the assistant GM role for the Falcons from 2014-2019. He is a veteran presence who can clean up the mess from previous leadership.

My Pick: Scott Pioli or John Dorsey


Head Coach

Mike Zimmer: Vikings Head Coach

An old timer in the league, he holds a 73–59–1 record with Minnesota with three playoff appearances in his tenure. Not a top option, but definitely an option.

Eric Bienemy: Chiefs Offensive Coordinator

An offensive guru and a name that has been thrown around for years.

Jim Harbaugh: Michigan Head Coach

If he does want to return to the NFL, now is the time that happens. Harbaugh once brought the 49ers to the Super Bowl, and has found recent success coaching in the BIG10.

Josh McDaniels: Patriots Offensive Coordinator

Would he leave and would he replace an old colleague? He had the chance to be the Colts Head Coach, but ultimately backed out. He has a nice thing going in New England, but you never know.

Patrick Graham: Giants Defensive Coordinator

Well respected amongst the team, a driving force of change to the defense, 20 years of coaching experience, and was sought out last season by the Jets, Graham could be the perfect candidate right in front of their eyes.

My Pick: Eric Bienemy or Patrick Graham