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TONDO: JeromeXXII Picks - Results

As Basel always says, we are just silly little bloggers with a passion for the game and no idea what we are doing. I 100% agree with that statement. Every season when I fill out the Big Bracket, I get worse. I don't understand how, because these past few years with House Enterprise, I have been watching more, reporting on more, and betting and more College Hoops Games. It doesn't make sense, but that's the beauty of the sport.

I hit 43% of the winners, and added five more runner ups from the season prior. Not bad, but not great. Shoutout to Chris Thedinga (Top 25) and Michael DeRosa (Top 100), who crushed the Jerome this year. Check out their new podcast as well!

2022 Results: 78 Points (14 Winners, 4 Runner Ups)

2023 Results: 93 Points (14 Winners, 9 Runner Ups)


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