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$TSLA surges past $800 a share since Elon Musk ratio'd Jeff Bezos on Twitter

Friendly reminder that Twitter is a free app. It's filled with credible news sources, banter between induvial, and hilarious memes. It's always interesting watching celebrities' and business leaders go back and forth on the app. Truthfully, it really is amusing.

Earlier this week, Bezos posted an old Barron's article, referencing the early days of Amazon and Jeff Bezos. He tweeted a nice little note talking about being yourself, following your ideas, and how Amazon is one of the best companies in the world.

Moments later, Musk sweeps in and comments a little 2nd place medal emoji, referring to their net worth's. According to Bloomberg's Billionaire Index, Elon Musk's personal wealth is now a whopping $222 billion, making him the richest person in the world, well ahead of Jeff Bezos, who's coming in 2nd with $191.6 billion. That pretty much was the definition of "boom, roasted". Since that tweet, $TSLA stock is up over $30 dollars, surging it past the $800 mark and aiming to reach its 52-week high.

Now it would be easy to see the correlation that since this tweet, $TSLA is on a big rise, but there are clearly other factors behind this.

The first being its production in China. Tesla reported that they sold more than 56,000 vehicles from its factory in China in the month of September, which sets a new monthly record. Usually, these vehicles made in China are exported all over. In recent months, 80& of their cars were exported. However, out of those September sales, only 3,853 were exported.

According to The Motley Fool, Tesla had previously reported delivering more than 240,000 globally in the third quarter ended Sept. 30, beating analyst estimates. Their production is at an all time high, even with the chip shortage that is occurring. They are expected to get a boost from a new factory in Germany by the end of the year. The recent stocks rise now brings Tesla's valuation back above $800 billion, with analyst saying the stock will reach past $1000 a share by the end of the year.

Google Finance / $TSLA as of 10/14/21 @ 10:30 AM


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