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TWD - Daryl Dixon, Episode 3: Bienvenue à Paris

Daryl & Co. have made it to Paris, and their arrival came with new friends, following foes, weird vibes, and more. Warning: Spoilers Ahead

  • We kick things off with an insane conductor and a walker orchestra. It was a weird way to start the episode, but the whole zombie apocalypse is crazy enough as it is.

  • When arriving to Paris, the crew meets Fallou, and they all believe that the young boy Laurent is the savior. I wonder if that storyline actually comes to fruition. Laurent is a very bright child with a warm heart and a curious demeanor. He is the purest thing in this evil world, but like Daryl said, it's a lot to put on a little kid.

  • Fallou's compound is over 60 deep, and of course will run into trouble because Dixon is in town. However, Fallou will assist in Dary

  • While in Paris, Isabelle heads back to her old apartment to find her stash of drugs (surprised nobody every looted that). Sadly, she discovers her neighbor (the young girl from last episode), has turned - which breaks her heart. She also finds a photos of her sister Lily, which she provides to Laurent.

  • Our travelers go with Fallou to the Demimonde, an underground nightclub that gives off Star Wars Cantina vibes. There was a meeting about trying to get connects for Daryl's trip back to the States but things got uneasy. The first turn of the evening was who the boss was at the club... Isabelle's old boyfriend Quinn. I KNEW this was going to happen.

  • You know what was the real kicker? One - he was low-key helpful, but two, he revealed that he slept with Isabelle's sister Lily, and that he was actually Laurent's father. WHATTTTTT. Oh, what a turn of events!

  • Meanwhile, the two main foes (Codron and Genet) have joined forces, and are really out for Daryl and his head.

  • Genet shows Codron their experiments on the walkers, which I feel is going to be a major plot line in this series.

  • The episode ends with a classic friend and foe battle. Daryl verse Codron. Some knockouts, shooting, dark fight scenes. You knew both would survive, and that it would end in a cliff hanger. The roof that was holding Daryl collapsed, and the scene ends. Does he survive??? (Obviously, it's his show).


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