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Was Mike McDaniel vaping on the sidelines yesterday?

Mike McDaniel is facing some tough questions about the Dolphins' playoff loss yesterday and they don't all have to do with his poor clock management.

The CBS cameras caught Mike McDaniel during yesterday's game and it really looks like he was ripping a vape pen.

The broadcast crew captured McDaniel with his hands pressed up against his mouth and it looked like he was holding a vape pen. Then, just as the cameras turned away, it looked like he took a massive rip from the pen.

Of course this led to lots of speculation and chatter on social media.

Who really knows if he was actually ripping a vape on the sideline. It is just funny when the CBS cameras catch something like that and it blows up on the internet. There is a whole football playoff game going on and we as trolls on the internet choose to discuss if the coach was vaping or not.

What do you guys think? Was he vaping?


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