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We have a Philadelphia vs. Houston doubleheader tonight

The 2022 World Series collides with Thursday Night football tonight, and it happens to be the same two cities playing.

The MLB actively tries to avoid colliding with NFL, however due to a rainout on Monday, all the World Series games got pushed back a day. However, if there is a Game 7, it would be on Sunday Night, the same time as SNF.

Game 5 of the World Series tonight between the Astros and Phillies will air in direct competition with Thursday Night Football with the undefeated Eagles and Texans. TNF matchup will take place in Houston while the World Series will be in Philly. I bet most Houston fans will opt out of watching the sad Texans play the undefeated Eagles. The Texans are horrible and will probably get clowned tonight by the Eagles.

Thursday will mark only the seventh time that a World Series game and NFL game involving the same two metro areas will occur on the same day, according to ESPN Stats.

Astros manager, Dusty Baker learned of the conflicted on Wednesday (A little late Dusty) and he said he was disappointed he wouldn't "get to see the game."

Will more people tune into the World Series or TNF? I honestly have no idea because the Texans stink, but people watch football no matter what. There are a lot of people who never watch baseball, even though it's the World Series.

Bad day to be a bar in Houston and Philly tonight!


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