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Wednesday Beers: Mighty Squirrel Sour Face

Got to try this great new sour from the wonderful people over at @mightysqrl. I don’t post many sours but these guys always kill it with the Sour Face Berlin Wisse beer series. This is brewed with Straberry And Kiwi with an absolutely stunning color and delicious finish, this beer can be sipped all year long.

MS was founded not too long ago and has grown to one of the most popular breweries in the New England area. Wether you are going to the brewery to grab some top notch pints or, taking a ride to the liquor store to get a Cloud Candy, you will not be disappointed. I think that MS does something that a lot of breweries don't do enough of: giving people range. They have everything from Sours to IPAs to Pilsners to stouts. If you are a beer lover I promise you, you can find a beer here that is the right fit.

ABV 5%

Rating 7/10


The Boston Beer Guy


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