Welcome to Kill and Tell

Hey everyone! We’re Kelsie and Kailey and we’re the hosts of Kill and Tell Podcast. We started this podcast out of our love for true crime and the learnings of what’s going on around the world that people just don’t seem to be talking about. There were also cases that were taking place in our own neck of the woods that just weren’t getting enough attention, and victims who had stories needing to be shared. Understanding that the true crime market is morbid and there can be a fine line between sharing a story and showing disrespect towards a victim and their families, we made a pledge to keep the comedy to a minimum and only about things non-related to the victim and their families.

Kill and Tell shares a variety of stories from homicide, disappearances, kidnappings, sex crimes, real world events currently taking place, human trafficking and more. There is power in learning and understanding the gory details that this world holds, and finding ways that we can help, even if it’s just one person. Each week we switch off hosts and cover a story that’s been on our minds. We hope to take our show in a direction where we have guests on and become a safe place for anyone and everyone.

We launch a new episode every Monday, fueled by caffeine and curiosity. Our first episode with House Enterprise is a Kelsie Unsolved where we keep it local on the shores of southern Massachusetts.

Until then, keep it spooky.


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