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What Effect Will the Recent Mega-Extensions for Shortstops Have on Xander Bogaerts?

Photo: Michael Dwyer / Associated Press

Recently, Padres superstar shortstop, Fernando Tatis, Jr signed a 14-year, $340 million contracts, before he hit arbitration. On Opening Day, new Mets shortstop, Fransico Lindor signed a similar, 10-year, $341 million contracts. With others like Trevor Story, Carlos Correa, and Corey Seager getting bigger deals in the future, what will that do to the Red Sox star, Xander Bogaerts?

A little bit after the 2019 season started the Red Sox and Bogaerts agreed on a 6-year, $120 million contract, but agent Scott Boras got Xander an opt-out, after the 2022 season. With these other shortstops getting way more money than him, he will most likely opt-out. Bogaerts has always been nice to Boston, and he took a discount on that original extension, so there is a good chance if Chaim Bloom gives him a decent offer, then Bogaerts could be in Boston for life. What needs to happen is, after the 2021 season, the Red Sox start talking with Bogaerts on a new contract. They can’t let this become another Mookie Betts situation. If they can give Bogaerts what he wants, and keep him happy, the rest of the team will be happy. If he leaves, on the other hand, then a full-scale, Baltimore Orioles-style rebuild is coming.

So, what is his value?

He isn’t as good as Lindor and Tatis. He is better than the Nationals Trea Turner, and the Rockies Trevor Story. There are many quality shortstops in the league, so Bogaerts isn’t a top-3 type guy, but he is a top-5 to top-7 player. He hits for average, has 20-30 HR power, can steal bases, and plays good defense. He is an All-Star-caliber player every year, and don’t be surprised if he ends up winning a Gold-Glove. He won’t get the $300 million that Betts wanted from Boston, but I think he is worth $175 million. If they sign him for 6 years in that contract, then he would be making close to $30 million a year. He isn’t worth all of that, but considering that he is a fan favorite, and has been with the Red Sox through thick and thin, I’d be willing to give him that money. Red Sox fans hope that Chaim Bloom thinks that too.


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