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Wheels or Doors? The world is dying to know...

TikTok used to be a dancing app, then became the pregame to OnlyFans, but this week, it's taking on the role of making a provoking questions viral. This question has broken the internet and putting people's minds in absolute pretzels.

"Are there more doors or wheels in the world?"

At first, I naively said doors. We're talking every building, every car, washer machines, airplanes, I mean you name it. But then I immediately questioned myself and backtracked. I am now sticking with wheels, and so does the slight majority.

I've lost sleep, I've blanked out during meetings, I haven't been listening to conversations, I have been in constant thought of Doors or Wheels.

Could it beer doors? Four door cars and trucks nullify themselves. All ships have doors, no wheels. All buildings have doors, no wheels. However, cars and trucks have steering wheels and spare wheels so that's 6 right there. Ships have the captains wheel, buildings have smooth floors so we can put everything inside on wheels. And cheese, there are cheese wheels! We're talking shopping carts, suitcases, conveyer belts, hospital dollies, the list goes on. I mean this graphic itself has to blow the question out of the water.

Definitely a stretch, but I mean???? In the same narrative though, does that mean hotdogs are sandwiches? Cereal is soup? Fuck, I am now even more lost. This has become much bigger than if the video said Yanny or Laurel, or if the black and blue, or white and gold (it's black and blue idiots).

These videos have made me dive super deep into this, but what are your thoughts?


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