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Where's John Dutton when you need him? Mysterious surveillance balloon caught hovering over Montana.

After a long week of work and the freezing cold tundra that decided to knock on New England's doors today, I was hoping to close out the night with a couple beers and some TV. Well Twitter is blowing up about some Chinese surveillance balloon was seen over Montana, and now everybody's tinfoil hats are on because no actions are being put into place.

The Pentagon said they are keeping an eye on it, and now there are reports that it self exploded. Supposedly there is another one down in South America, and also there is rumors that it's some EMP technology owned by the Chinese. Lovely...

This is some Call of Duty, Black Mirror, and Sci-Fi Horror War drama shit, and to be honest, I am all set. Like I said, I was just trying to settle down and now my wheels are turning tonight.

Listen, if I could call the shots, I'd shoot the thing down ASAP. There shouldn't be any foreign objects flying in our airspace, but I guess that's why I'm not the President and I am writing this blog, but I don't know, I feel like something should be done?

House Enterprise doesn't talk politics here. The current government isn't doing anything. The right is going crazy over this. All I ask is to take a page out of John Dutton's hand book and throw a sense a nationalism on this. If you mess with Montana and you mess with our land, you'll pay the price.


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