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Whiskey Wednesday - Redbreast

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Coming off the final weekend of January, we are already one-twelfth of the way through 2021. Holy crap. We cruise past this hump day after Punxsutawney Phil announced six more weeks of winter. No matter, we still will pour ourselves a glass and enjoy another fine blend of whiskey.

This week, we talk about Redbreast Irish Whiskey, a single pot still produced by Irish Distillers, the same company that distills Jameson. I discovered Redbreast last January, while I was visiting Killarney, Ireland, for a global work conference. While having a private tasting, the lad behind the pub suggested a 15-year aged blend that would "definitely impressed". I was no man to question the expert and accepted his offer. I ended up ordering that same Redbreast throughout the entire week. Man, was it good. So good, I brought home a bottle.


Redbreast: 15 Year Old

For newcomers, you may wonder what "single pot still whiskey" like Redbreast is. In basic terms, the whiskey is produced at a single distillery from a single grain. What differs it from a "single malt" is two variables. One, it is only produced in Ireland. Two, it is made with both unmalted and malted barley.

This whiskey is so pure and full of flavor. It is the perfect storm of richness and sweetness. To the nose, it possesses a tangy citrus scent, with notes of tropical fruits and honey. Nothing overbearing, it's quite delicate like a flower. Once you begin to sip, the smooth rich distill fills your mouth with a creamy warm taste, with hints of butterscotch, caramel, orange, and a slight wood finish. It is a mature and complex whiskey, that is ever so satisfying.

I see this as a perfect whiskey served neat if you so desire. No need for a specialty cocktail, even though it would be fantastic for Manhattan. It has so much character that brings you back to the homeland of Ireland. Whether it's before dinner or to close out the night, the Redbreast 15 year is quite enjoyable. For the common person, Redbreast is on the higher side in price (average $100 a bottle depending on distributor), but it is truly worth the value. Don't believe me? Look at all the awards and honors it has received.


Will's Review

As I said, this is one of my all-time favorites. The nostalgia factor from Ireland definitely helps its case, but overall, it is such an enjoyable selection. The flavor profile is a perfect combination of everything you want from a whiskey. Even with a higher price tag, it is worth it. 4.75 for me, I would HIGHLY recommend Redbreast 15yo.


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