Who's back of the week? The Narragansett Beer "Jaws" Cans.

The iconic 1975 retro can with the well-known Roger Kastel Jaws movie poster, is back on the shelf in 12-pack form. Noted as one of the "greatest beverage moments captured on film", the old-school 'Gansett is first seen on the famous cinematic production of Jaws, when Captain Quint crushes his can onboard his vessel, the Orca. In honor of Discovery's "Shark Week", the cans will be available throughout the Ocean State.

Photo: Narragansett Beer

It will never stop being cool that a Rhode Island staple will forever be cemented a Spielberg classic. Narragansett Beer, a brand name around since 1890, has always provided straightforward quality beer. Flash forward to today, behind the leadership of CEO Mark Hellendrung, 'Gansett is back in Rhode Island and now is considered one of America's top 50 regional brewers and the fastest-growing in the Northeast.

So in honor of Shark Week, go have yourself a 'Ganssett, and while supplies last, you too can #CrushItLikeQuint.