WidowMaker: Quarry Juice

Widowmaker - a top notch brewery that I have only had 2 beers from that is based in Quincy Mass. They have quickly jumped up the rankings since their start in 2017 and have become one of the top breweries in MA.

Being that they are in Quincy, they are also located close to the Quincy quarries. If you are unfamiliar with the Quarries, go google them...they are sick...

This beer comes off with a very hazy and yellow pour where you can definitely smell and taste the Citra and Apollo hops. I overall really enjoyed this one and I liked how each beer was a different color. Good job Widowmaker!

WidowMaker "Quarry Juice"

- ABV: 8%

- Flavor Profile: Juicy and Hazy dry hopped with Citra & Apollo hops.

- Color: Hazy Yellow

- Rating: 8.7

Cheers and Stay Frosty,

The Boston Beer Guy