Words of Wisdom, with David Silverman (Photographer for New England Patriots, Bryant U., and more!)

As we expand the contents of our website, we aim to provide content from different perspectives as well as information that you may not find elsewhere. A large contributor to the House Enterprise brand is our podcast, “Beers, Business, and Balls”. Hosted by myself and Jake Zimmer, we try to highlight the latest news coming out of the craft beer, business, and sports world. Every week, we interview individuals who are heavily involved or who are participating in the industries mentioned. These guests all have impressive resumes with abundances of helpful knowledge and wisdom. Introducing, Words of Wisdom”, the blog that highlights what our guests have to share and what advice they can offer to our listeners.


It is only fitting that the first person we showcase is our first ever guest on our podcast, David Silverman! Dave in my opinion is one of the best sports photographers in the country. I met Dave at Bryant University, where he was taking professional headshots for LinkedIn at the career fair. We then kept in contact and continued to catch up through other Bryant events. Silverman does a lot of photography at Bryant, mainly with athletics. On top of that, he takes photos for other New England universities, but he is most known for being the team photographer for the New England Patriots. For the past 28 years, Silverman has followed the Pats and captured every practice, emotion, snap, and celebration. His photos have circulated all over social media, especially from the likes of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. He even has a few Super Bowl rings himself!

Photo: Miguel Angel Lopez Rojas / @itsmigylopz

Here is Dave’s, words of wisdom!

"The advice that I would give came from my father. It is not photography related but it is business and real-life related. The first is don’t count on one client or customer to be your only one. If that customer leaves, then you’re stuck. Always be open to work and give yourself variety so you won’t be out of work.

The second would be to make sure you financially save your money; at least six months to a year’s salary. God forbid something happens, and you lose your income or you get hurt, you can survive off the nest egg without panicking"

To listen to the full interview, click here! Follow along to see the amazing shots that Dave Silverman captures, links are below.